Innovation and Future Scope of Solar Street Lights

One of the most important gifts that science has given mankind is the birth of electricity. It has become one of the most essential means of the modern world. Life is just unimaginable without electric energy. Electricity plays such an important role in our lives. It becomes even more important to find different ways in which we can protect and prevent power from getting exhausted.


Innovation and Future Scope of Solar Street Lights

Good Future Prospective

Thanks to the advancement in the field of technology that has introduced to us solar street lights which is an amazing alternative to conventional street lights as it is a great way to save power and reduce wastage. The future scope of it is tremendous as there are so many wonderful features added in these street lights that will keep one’s jaws dropped. Let us now discuss some of those incredible features-

Cost Effective

There is no additional electricity cost because the panels in a solar street light convert the solar power into electricity. It is also quick and easy to charge the batteries and they last for almost 5 years. And since the poles are wireless it is simple to install and there is no additional cost of hiring too many workers.

Clear Light

The LED’s used in these lights provide clear visibility at night. They are colored to match up with the desired color rendering index to resemble the sunlight during the daytime. This clear light also helps the pedestrians and the vehicles to avoid accidents.


They are designed in a way that as soon as it detects that the ambient light is not enough. In the case of low lights, the LED’s are automatically switched on. So sensing the outdoor light the solar lights automatically switch either on or off. This feature is really marvelous because it uses a special lens which helps to adjust the brightness level based on the battery voltage and running time. This helps to increase the backup time of the light.

Eco Friendly

It is the responsibility of each and every individual to take care of the environment. The invention of these lights exactly helps in minimizing the amount of waste and reduces carbon footprints. The LED’s used in these lights contains no toxic elements and so it helps to protect the environment from any toxic waste.

Motion Sensor

In areas where there is no traffic in the night, it is not necessary to have the street lights switched on the whole night. Motion sensor helps in saving energy as it detects any motion either of a pedestrian or of a vehicle and switches all the LED’s on. Also, another smart feature that this motion sensor has is that if it detects that there is no motion for more than 16 seconds, then all the LED’s will automatically reduce brightness. Some of the solar street lights are also powered by footsteps which mean that the batteries get charged from the kinetic energy powered by the pedestrians’ footsteps. Our product, Zonstreet Plus, comes with inbuilt Lithium-ion battery and motion sensors.

Smart technology

Solar street lights can be operated and controlled either by a mobile phone or a computer from any location. This feature helps in adjusting settings of the light either to dim the light or to increase the brightness from a remote place without physically being present at the location. It also provides information in real time and helps to determine if there are any problems or if the light is out of order even before a complaint is received from the public. This system makes it easy to check on the status of the solar voltage, the battery voltage also provides data for the previous day usage of the voltage. This saves a lot of energy and does not require any worker to manually check on it. Zonstreet GSM, one of our innovative products comes with inbuilt GSM card. It can be remotely monitored and controlled using the smartphone.

Value Added Services

The future of any city depends entirely on the value-added services, and the technology has opened up lots of opportunities to do this. The solar street lights have some amazing features like –

So, it can work as a major hub for information.

These are some features of solar street lights which make it a better option over a traditional street light. We can confidently say that solar-powered lights will inevitably be the street lights of the future. And investing and installing in these will play a major part in a clean, green environment. This will also contribute to a brighter future for the coming generations.

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