InteliZon's Indoor Lighting Solution Offerings

Intelizon Indoor LightsSolar produces DC power and so do batteries. The load we run today like LED lights, fans, laptops, televisions all run on DC. Given that long-distance transmission was based on AC we have been converting AC to DC and running the modern appliances. In the case of solar and battery, we do a double conversion of D to AC and then AC to DC to run the existing appliances. This results in at least 30% power loss which results in bigger solar panels and batteries.

IITM pioneered the Solar DC concept and Intelizon has adopted this to create Solar DC systems which are ideal for localized power on the rooftop and mini grids. The system comes with a solar panel, battery (in our case lithium ion) and dimmable DC loads like LED bulbs, tube lights, down lights, fixtures and brushless DC fans which require 50% to 90% lower power compared to conventional loads. Also, the need to convert DC to AC is eliminated resulting in an inverter less solution. The overall system upfront cost as well as operating cost is significantly lower than current rooftop solutions.

Intelizon has introduced the zonpower platform which has a portable box enclosing the lithium ion battery and 48V DC based electronics for running the efficient DC LED lights and fans. These are ideal for Greenfield commercial projects as well as small shops and homes.

Zonbulb is the other portable platform based on inbuilt lithium ion battery based LED bulbs powered by the grid and solar for emergency as well as rural/remote locations. These are ideal as indoor lighting systems.