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Improving Service Life of Solar Inverters

Solar inverter is an electronic creation and its service life is inadequate due to the bound of the components. However, many inverters are spoiled before the service life expires and the real service life is shorter than the intended theoretical service life. The service life is resolute by the product quality and the post-period fitting, operation, and upholding conditions. So, let’s check how to improve the service life of the solar inverter?

The temperature is a vital factor that can influence the solar inverter service life and the extremely high temperature can reduce the property and service life of the constituent. Related researches demonstrate that every time the temperature increase by 10 degrees, the service life of the electrolytic capacitor will surely decrease by 50% and the collapse rate of the control module will be doubled. Solar inverter is a heat generation machine and its power component, switch, cable, inductor, and other circuits will produce heat. These heats shall be degenerate in time and shall not be stored in a preserved space or else, the temperature will become higher and higher.

The solar power inverter should be located in the aeration space. If it is stored in an enclosed place, the indoor room should be more than at least 10 times of the inverter dimension. It is recommended to set up exhaust fans and other correlated devices. If possible, an air conditioner can be used.

Direct sunlight could be avoided. If the solar inverter is located in an open-air place, it shall be installed next to the wall or under a frame so that the sunlight can be barreled by the covering or the component. In case the inverter has to be installed in an empty space, the sunshine shed shall be used to avert the inverter from sunlight or rain.

If more than one grid inverters are installed collectively, there should be a certain distance between the air passage of one inverter and the air inlet of another and it should be guaranteed to make sure good heat immoderation and this distance should be at least 0.5 m.

The solar inverter could be located in a space away from the boilers, electric stove, oil heater, heating pipes, and other hot devices. If the inverter production power is high, more and more heat energy will be generated. Thus, to extend the service life, the identical ratio of the PV component and the inverter should not significantly exceed the standard.

If people are always agitated, annoyed, and anxious, the immune system will be concealed and damaged under long-term high stress. Thus, people’s cardiovascular system may become weak and people’s lives could be affected. This could be possibly true for the machinery. If the module bears high voltage and very high current, the service life could be decreased accordingly.

The solar power inverter input voltage should meet the assured range. For example, some assortment is 200-1000V which means as long as the input voltage is in this range, the inverter would work normally. On the other hand, even if the input voltage is in this range, the PV inverter service life might be different from a dissimilar input voltage. When the machinery power is predetermined, the series machinery voltage should not be too elevated or too low. It is always better to make certain the series machinery voltage is secure to the inverter-rated voltage. For example, if the single-phase yield voltage of the inverter is 220V, the series machinery voltage could be accustomed around 330V. If the three-phase output voltage is 400V, the series machinery voltage can be adjusted around 630V. Under these conditions, the uppermost inverter effectiveness and the highest protection can be assured. If the series machinery voltage is adjusted at 800V, the work effectiveness of the solar inverter would be decreased and the power devices and bus capacitors might bear high voltage. Thus, the service life of the padding layer will be decreased and the inverter service life might get abridged.

Under similar power conditions, if the voltage is less and the current is high, the inverter service life will get affected. As the heat up of the inverter is mostly caused by the current, this arrangement will increase the heat energy by 50%. The inverter temperature also will be increased and the service life would be shortened.

The intended service life of the PV inverter released from the factory is normally the same, but the actual service life will be to a great extent affected by setting up operation and upholding factors. To perk up its service life, initially good installation surroundings should be shaped to keep away from the poor environment’s sway. On the other hand, the inverter should be checked from time to time to find out any unusual noise, neutral fragrance, unusually high temperature, or contamination. The inverter should be always maintained in dirt-free status and the heat radiation pipe should be level. The wires should also be well joined.

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