Hybrid Outdoor system

Our state of the art Hybrid streetlight system operates on grid and comes with battery backup. At Intelizon, we strive to be a “Single stop for multiple needs” with our wide range of creative solutions.

In our bucket, we have multiple usage products in solar street lighting & solar home systems. It has the option to be charged with regular mains supply or through solar panels harnessing abundant solar energy. We combined the feature of solar technology & lithium-ion technology with power generation to serve society better.

What is the purpose of all the streetlights installed on the roads? The typical answers would be:

  • Minimize accidents & vandalism
  • Provide security against crime
  • Aesthetics and visibility of our surroundings

But what happens in the event of power outages? Our cities plunge into darkness and the purpose is lost. If this happens due to a natural disaster, the need for lighting is even more critical.

At Intelizon, we focus on innovation to provide appropriate solutions. Our Zonstreet hybrid LED streetlight luminaire is the an example for futuristic cities. It operates on grid AC supply and has an integrated lithium-ion inbuilt battery as an emergency backup power. The lights stay ON during power outages keeping everyone safe.

In addition it has other unique features :

  • Huge Energy savings: 75% power savings compared to HPSV/MH & 30% over LED
  • Automatic dusk to dawn- using 2W Solar panel ensuring lights turn ON when needed and as per seasons
  • Automatic Dimming- 2stage, On-grid timer-based & off-grid battery capacity
  • 4kVA internal & 10kVA external surge protection
  • Inbuilt smart charge controller + driver to get >90% efficiency
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