What is hybrid DC Inverter

inverter: This is a 12V DC system based on the same platform as our reliable (over 6 years of field operation) Zonstreet platform. The home system can operate on solar as well as grid. It is the most compact power back-up system and comes with in-built lithium-ion battery. It is a maintenance free – just place it and forget it, with a life of more than 5 years. Eliminating the DC/AC and AC/DC converters and using energy efficient appliances provides over 50% energy saving over running standard AC appliances with grid or inverters. Our wide range of ZONHOME models cater to multiple rural and urban home and commercial applications.

Zonhome Features

  • Zonhome is future ready - it has the option to charge batteries and operate appliances with regular mains supply. It eliminates the need for a conventional inverter, provides major energy savings and gives up to 15hrs of power backup.
  • Modular & Scalable system – Its compact size enables the user to self-install the system. The wide range caters to all kinds of budgets. The wide range of 12V DC appliances -Bulb, tube light, fan, TV, Radio & mobile charging-serves most of the customer requirements.
  • Safe & child friendly system - The system comes with an in-built lithium-ion battery instead of the conventional lead acid battery, which is unsafe, bulky and requires regular maintenance. The Li+ technology also allows fast charging & has a long lifespan.
DIY in electricity, HOW? – “Do It Yourself” is a term used for people who are creative and hands-on. Every home or commercial space has a unique requirement. Our Zonhome platform allows you to customise the system as per your own needs and scale based on budget. Our simple to use web application (Click here to access app) lets you enter the appliance list as an input. The application then provides an output which defines the complete solution with a suitable ZONHOME model, solar panel and estimated runtimes for the selected appliances.
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