How to Protect your LED Solar Lights from Theft

The acceptance and use of solar lighting have been steadily on the rise due to their list of benefits. Solar lighting is environmentally friendly, highly efficient and is a one-time investment after which the power generated is absolutely free. They’re perfect for outdoor lighting and some of them have a range of features.

However, the advantages of these lights make them prone to theft. LED lights are expensive, and are of higher value. To add to this, solar lights come in different sizes and are generally much lighter than traditional street lighting. Solar lights are installed out in the open and many of them are set up in remote regions, making them vulnerable to being stolen.


In order to protect it from theft, one primarily has 2 options. Install anti-theft solar street led lights with inbuilt batteries that are of no use once detached from the installation. 2nd option is to protect and guard it against intruders.

Tips to keep your LED solar lights safe

Install Lights at a Height

If you are installing medium to large size outdoor street lights, install them really high off the ground. This would make it tougher for people to steal the solar lights with the help of stools or ladders. It would also require a good deal of effort to bring in equipment that would allow people to climb, making the lights a lot harder to steal. The longer time a person takes to steal a light, the chances of getting caught are heightened.

Install Lights in Concrete

It is not always possible to install lights at a height especially if the LED solar lights are small and meant to light up the garden or a footpath. To make your lights theft-proof, dig a hole in the ground, add a mix of wet concrete in it, insert the lights and allow them to harden. The concrete would hold the lights in place. To hide the fact that you have used concrete at the base, you can cover the concrete and the base of the light with sand. The disadvantage of doing this is that your lights would be extremely hard for you to move to an alternate location.

Install Lights with Motion Detectors

Installing lights with motion detectors could act as a deterrent for thieves. Whenever there is movement close by, the lights turn on or brighten up. If an unsuspecting thief does the same, it would seem like somebody is around and switched on the light because they saw the thief. Motion detectors are perfect because they have the ability to surprise people. For weary thieves, lights turning on could mean that there is someone at home. Motion detectors could act as a huge deterrent.

Install Security Cameras and Alarms

The installation of security cameras is not too expensive. By installing them, you get to know who has come over without the need to open the door. You get to watch the live footage on your security screen. Security cameras also have a recording feature. Even if you are not at home or are asleep, you can replay the footage later and find out whether you had any intruders. Security alarms are another great installation. They set off a warning alarm if someone tries to trespass.

Keep a Dog

Having a dog as a pet can deter most thieves. Even if the dog does not bite, the animal almost always barks when an unknown person enters the property.

Setup a Fence or Wall

Fencing off your property is a good way of keeping people out. Many thieves would not bother climbing a sturdy wall or tall fence to rob a solar light especially when there is more risk involved. Setting up fence not only protects your property but give you much required privacy too.

Hire a Security Guard

You may want to protect the lights by hiring a security guard if you are staying in a gated community. This is one of the safest bets since security guards are trained to protect people and property. However, hiring a security guard for your independent home may be too expensive.

Install Anti-Theft Intelizon Solar Street Led Lights

Intelizon is a revolutionary solar lighting company that fits an anti-theft system with inbuilt batteries that cannot be stolen. A thief would have to carry the entire lighting pole in order to rob them. Their lights are also connected to a GSM SIM card that is compatible with Android and IOS mobile phones. This technology allows you to shut off the light remotely and find the location of your light. If you have not yet switched to using solar lights but are planning on doing so, installing Intelizon lights could be your best bet.

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