solar home lighting system

Home Illumination System for Pastoral or Rural Area

In all the rural areas in India, where there is limited electricity, solar lights seem to be the ideal resolution. Almost most of the rural Indian citizens still depend on kerosene lamp for their livelihood. Kerosene lamps not only are costly, it is also risky and polluting. Approximately, about 100,000 Indian villages do not yet comprise of electricity which means that the efficiency comes to a stop in the dark. Using Solar lighting system will definitely add to the competence of people by allowing them to work and children learn after it gets dim. These people will be also free to use their cell phones, radios and TV’s to remain entertained. With the initiation of solar lights in all these places, the being of these people will definitely alter. Solar lighting is a cost-effective way to accumulate on electricity costs and is also eco-friendly.

Solar lamps have seen a remarkable growth in rural parts of India, motivated mainly by the need of access to grid electricity and the elevated costs and ill-effects of kerosene lamps. Solar lights have been thriving mainly due to their profitable value rather than their green distinctiveness.

The solar lighting system is 10 to 20 times effective than a kerosene lamp. Some of its best features are: 

  1. Battery – It consists of a long life lithium battery, which doesn’t require any maintenance, lasts more than 5 years.
  2. Backup power is available for the entire night & also work on grid supply for 24×7 usage.
  3. It gets completely charged during the day time with the help of sunlight.
  4. It comes with long term warranty, 2-5 years.
  5. It’s simply plug_and_play. It is also light-weight and movable. You can also take it along while itinerant, camping, mountaineering, etc.

Solar Lights work with the aid of photovoltaic effect. Solar cells are a significant part of solar light as; it can only transfer sunlight into straight electrical current. The solar panels soak up energy into the inverter because that will set aside energy in its battery for current and future use as well.

There are a few myths about if solar system is beneficial for someone, why should they opt solar system, etc. As our solar experts observed about home lighting system, they understood the following places where mini solar lighting system is very important, such as for transport, outdoor activities, school projects, homes, street vendors, boats etc.

Intelizon’s Zonhome+ solar lighting system is innovation for villages having power issues and use kerosene or emergency light for their power requirements. The solar home system is ample enough to generate electricity to operate the lights & fans for whole night. These DC system are coming with USP port to charge mobile & operate radio. This coordination is accessible and trouble-free to use and comes with DIY typical installation. Zonhome+ models are available with 30Wh to 400Wh battery capacity. There are various set of appliances under zonhome+ models. These appliances include bulbs, tubelights, & fans. The backup varies from 5-75hrs depending upon usage of loads.

When you search for solar lighting system in local shops, the cost of this system will be differ. When you take concluding decision to purchase this product, you should cautiously verify mechanism of this system. Indoor solar lighting systems are almost maintenance-free. Upholding on indoor solar lights consists of replacing the batteries only in every five years or so. So as you can visualize, solar lights have much less of a bother than usual electrical lighting.

Solar home lighting system is becoming very admired by the day. It is not only natural but also cost-effective. It offers a fit and cost-effective substitute to the kerosene lamps. Kerosene poses many lives intimidating environment to its users. In stark difference, solar utilizes the life fostering sunlight to function. It is an advantage to people in the rural areas with no way in to clean energy. Solar light system from Intelizon is trying to assist customers make more knowledgeable decisions regarding purchasing solar systems and also provide the handiness of selling products online from the ease of your home. Not only does the corporation sells solar goods online, but also gets it delivered to almost all the zip codes in India within 3 days.

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