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Earlier, quite often the security system has faced situations of not capturing few incidents happening at the location where the camera is not facing higher. That is called blind spot and most of the criminals actually have used it as a weak point and have got away without being noticed.

These traditional video surveillance cameras have an inherent flaw: blind spots. The only resolution is to install multiple cameras covering all locations.

However, it’s practically not possible owing to the cost factor and increased load on the power supply. In video surveillance system, covering blind spots was quite a challenge.

Fisheye IP Camera Technology

Thanks to the invention of Fisheye Lens Camera with 180 or 360 degree view – a perfect solution to combat these issues and a popular alternative to monitor large areas.

A fisheye camera is made up of curvilinear lenses with a large dome-shaped front element, which resembles an eye of a fish having a very wide angle of view much more clearly.

A Fish Eye Internet Protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. Just one single IP address and only one network cable is enough for a single unit – providing a cost-effective alternative to multiple IP cameras.

The Fisheye IP camera can be used on any standard operating systems and browsers. You can use Internet Explorer or Chrome to connect to your network security cameras.

Type your security camera’s IP address in the url and log into your camera’s Web Service interface by entering its username and password. After which you will be able to see the camera’s live view screen.

End user organizations seeking to monitor large areas, like shops, hotel or hospital lobbies or warehouses, often find themselves constrained by using normal bullet cameras, which point in one direction at a time.

Most Affected Places:

Public Transport Places:

Places like bus stops, railway stations, dock, airports are the crime prone areas and need effective video surveillance. These locations are widely spread with lot of open spaces that goes uncovered.

The fisheye IP camera can not only minimize the need of multiple cameras, but also make it simple for the security personnel to keep an eye of every location. This helps in smooth functioning of safety and security with a lack of gaps in coverage. 

Widespread Communities or Commercial Buildings:

Places like hospitals, hotels, apartments, corporate offices need a complete surveillance system for better security of people and premises. The wide angle of the camera cannot let anyone go unnoticed. This takes care of the safety of the guests/residents and the working staff as a whole.

Overall a fisheye IP security camera is a great solution to the current security and surveillance systems. They are a must in today’s world when crime is at peak and our safety is the biggest concern.

With such a wide range of high-resolution technology, one can completely tailor the solution towards the requirements of surveillance system.

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