Ease to Work From Home in Covid

Change is invariable. Exactly from the metal to technology age, till the epoch of digital revolution, we have seen numerous changes impacting our life. In the information era we are in today, the speed of change has jagged up manifold. The thorough changes in our lifestyle have invoked us to sense of ways to put together a more sustainable society, the one that will be able to endure the speedy evolution of our environs.

Smart home machinery is all the rage, as we rely on a range of apps and voice instructions to play our favorite music, stream TV shows, get the lighting and set the room temperature just right. What we may not be thinking about is the requirement to provide a battery backup for the device without which none of these equipments work: the router that provisions Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity.

It’s gotten to the peak where, in the U.S. at least, Wi-Fi is now the largest technology that consumers declare they can’t live without. A current survey by the managed service provider found that nearly two-thirds (64%) of the more than 1,000 U.S. adults surveyed alleged they couldn’t be without Wi-Fi for more than one day, binding out the smart phone (61%).

Visualize you’re binge-watching your much loved new show from one of the streaming services. It’s getting close to the end of the episode, with the anxiety building to the foreseeable cliff-hanger that gets you to shout, “Let’s watch once more.”

But there’s a power cut, not even a full-scale outage, maybe a drop, overload jitter or a spike that causes a small disruption. That’s adequate to cause your router to drop the internet connection, in which case the action on the TV – comes to a screech halt. Now you’ve got to restart the router, log in again to your streaming service, search your show again, and get back to where you left off.

A battery backup way out, such as an UPS can avoid such an annoying interruption to your well-deserved leisure. In the episode of a power disturbance or failure upsetting the internet connection, the UPS will straight away supply backup battery power to the router – so it won’t mislay the Internet connection.

UPSs are great for nonstop operation of your 9V-12V devices like your Wi-Fi router, modem, Set Top Box, or CCTV cameras.  Micro DC UPSs are tiny and unobtrusive. So they are effortless to fit in tight places. DC UPSs can control in online mode and/or provide as portable power sources, thus ensure continuous use for many hours in case of power disruption or with no AC power especially in current COVID-19 situation as most of the people are working from home and power cut disturbs a lot.

The micro UPS for routers by Intelizon has high capacity lithium-ion batteries, long backup in small size. They are well-suited with most DC-powered digital products. They have micro-processor controlled design with input, output and short circuit protection. They are low in cost, have high efficiency and smart mode operation.

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