Creating Better Features for Solar Street Lights

Before we understand what better solar street lights are, let us begin by taking a look at what bad solar street lights are. There is much to be learned about generic specifications which can make for a bad solar street light. Salient characteristics of a bad solar street light will not mention anymore than solar panel, sealed lead-acid battery, solid state system controller regulating batteries, low voltage disconnect, LED lamp light fixture producing good street light, light fixture mounting bracket & solar lighting system mounting to pole. These are all vague specifications which are open to a number of interpretations. This is most likely to lead to purchase of cheap quality of solar street lighting systems offering poor reliability, performance & diminished return on investments.  


Go for Good Quality of Solar Street Lights

This means you look for detailed specifications which precisely establish how your solar street lighting system is going to perform. Some of these essential parameters that can tell you about the solar street light you intend to purchase include the following.

Intelizon’s Zonstreet CCTV

Intelizon’s solar based perimeter street lighting with inbuilt CCTV also serves as a surveillance system. This solar street light system features LED lights, an inbuilt dimmer, lithium ion batteries & a light sensor. Integrating CCTV to light provides a wireless state-of-the-art surveillance system which effectively combines outdoor lighting with security. Download the specifications document to know more about Zonstreet CCTV.

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