At Intelizon, we believe that energy should be reliable, affordable and clean; and the path to this is through innovative engineering using technologies like solar, LED and advanced electronics.

Half the world’s population missed out on the industrial revolution and the internet revolution is barely touching them. Energy is a precursor for growth as the advanced nations have shown over the past century. The rural customer is looking to create local businesses and opportunities that are prevalent in the urban world.

At Intelizon, we are making this possible by creating product and technology standards using industry-leading cost efficiency and service in our effort to become the world’s best clean energy company.


Reliable and quality electricity for all.

Our Values

our valuesWe have set up a system around the following 3 pillars-Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction- and we intend to build our future on this foundation.

We are pioneers in lithium-ion based solar streetlights and are setting the standards with our IOT based solar remote monitoring and control systems and the inbuilt CCTV based surveillance systems.

We have installed over 25000 solar streetlights and over 100000 solar home systems with a return rate of less than 1%. We are one of the few companies globally who can claim that our streetlights are running successfully for 6 years.

Our customer satisfaction metric is based on the strong relationships built with our channel partners globally. We build long-lasting relations with people and businesses who are as passionate as us in creating the word of smart energy and building not only a business but also impacting lives and helping the environment.
Our goal is to become the top solar streetlight manufacturer in India and one of the leading players globally.