A Message from the Founder

I founded Intelizon in 2007 with the vision to create a world of smart energy which formed the basis for the name. INTELIZON means intelligent solar- ZON means sun in dutch and INTELI is short for intelligent.

After completing my PhD in optoelectronics and spending a decade in silicon valley creating world-leading technologies and products, Intelizon was the perfect next step in my life. The entrepreneurial urge combined with the excitement to create a business entity which has a measurable human impact was the motivation behind starting the company and moving with family to India.

The world of technology has always penetrated the top of the pyramid and solutions have reached the bottom of the pyramid as an afterthought. Intelizon is a journey where we have created technologically the most advanced solar systems to address the requirements at the bottom of the pyramid. The lithium-ion based solar streetlights and the DC systems are state of the art, cost-effective and have been proven to work in tough conditions. The IOT based remote monitoring and control and the AI-based inbuilt camera systems are path-breaking and have a requirement globally.

We are preparing to finally introduce our technologically advanced systems to the top of the pyramid in the coming year.

India has been successful in becoming the software and IT services hub for the world. People from India have gone to the western countries and developed world-leading products and designs. The capability exists but the lack of world-leading product companies in India is another motivation to change the mindset. We have created GOOD products by demonstrating high quality and reliability. Our next target is to work on designs which can incorporate our quality and reliability to create GREAT products. The ecosystem in India has been tough but we are determined to achieve our goal.

A final word on what we are building within Intelizon apart from technology and products. We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to our vision and are passionate about their work. We work tirelessly to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers alike. I believe the ethics we have built will form the platform on which we will create a long-lasting entity that will impact the world. As of March2018, we have impacted over 2milion lives, saved 30000 tonnes of CO2 and 16million units of electricity and its just the beginning…

Kushant Uppal