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Creators of Smart Energy

September, 2018 – Creating a World of Smart Energy. Dr Kushant Uppal was recently chosen as one the top 25 CEOs by Business Connect India.


Intelizon has developed such a platform to set the standards for smart cities globally.

July, 2018 – Intelligent algorithms with self autonomy feature has shown remarkable performance in conditions where it is cloudy for many days at a stretch. Zonstreet from Intelizon has over 25000 installations globally and has set the benchmark for reliable solar streetlighting with self autonomy…


Intelizon Energy: Reinforces Smart Energy Ecosystem with Innovative & Reliable Lithium-Ion Based Solar DC Systems

July, 2018 – Establishing itself as a pioneer in Lithium-ion based solar systems, Intelizon Energy Private Limited framed the most reliable and innovative platform ‘Zonstreet’ to provide the customers with solar LED streetlights, integrated with in-built CCTV cameras and GSM/Wi-Fi controllers…


Outdoor Lighting Solar Streetlights – Reliable, Smart and Wireless Outdoor Lightin (Published on Indo African Business Jan-March 2018)

April, 2018 – Imagine a world where there are no cables required for outdoor lighting. While technology has invaded our personal lives, the world of outdoor lighting continues to live on age old infrastructure with overhanging cable lines or dug up roads required for expensive underground cabling…


Meet DrKushant Uppal, Founder And MD And The Diligent Face Behind The Storehouse Of Smart Energy; Intelizon

February, 2018 – Dr. Kushant is an IIT Madras alumnus and holds an MS and Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Southern California. He holds the crown for incubating and managing global businesses in Asia…


Intelizon: Nurturing the Energy Ecosystem with In-Built Lithium Ion Battery Technology

February, 2018 – The carbon footprint has only increased over the years due to toxic smoke and fumes released into the atmosphere. The environmental pollution contributed by industries and factories has led to a rise in respiratory related diseases across the globe…


CII Event Recognizes Emerging Entrepreneurs

February 24, 2018 – The recently concluded Southern Region Emerging Entrepreneurs Award recognized budding entrepreneurs like the founder and CEO of Cygni Mr. Venkal Rajaraman, B Vijaya Raghavan – MD of BS Apparel of Tiruppur, Kushant Uppal– the founder of Intelizon Energy…



Su-Kam launches ‘Made in India’ lithium ion battery based solar streetlight ‘Sunway’

Chennai, 27 April 2016 – Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., India’s leading power back up solutions provider, today announced the launch of ‘Sunway Platform’- one of the most advanced solar streetlight…



Two alums light the way to a better life overseas

November 13, 2015 – In Chavandi Kalan, a small farming village in northern India, women do everything the men do. They milk and care for the water buffalo, and they help in the family farming…



IIT-Madras project to supply low-power DC may end outages

January, 2014 – CHENNAI: In a few days from now, IIT-Madras will begin a project in a few hundred houses in the southern states aimed at eliminating load-shedding forever.


Gambia: Comafrique Intelizon Initiative Distributes 60 Solar Lights to Empower a Disabled Person in the Lrr

Apr 21, 2014 – ComAfrique Intelizon Initiative (CII) on Saturday, 12th April, 2014 distributed 60 solar lights to persons with disabilities in the Lower River …


Indian helping to light up Gambia (Diaspora Feature)

November 22, 2014 – Like many Indians who are proving to be philanthropists around Africa, Ram Mohan has set up a social business called Comafrique Intelizon Initiative and…



Hyderabad Based InteliZon-Taking ‘Smart Energy’ to the Masses

Aug 6, 2012 – Energy efficiency is picking up but solar energy industry may be one or two years behind in India,” says Kushant Uppal, Intelizon.



Making Hay While The Sun Shines Bright

Mar 25, 2011 – A case in point is Intelizon, a VenturEast funded company that addresses the power needs of rural homes using solar driven technologies.



The ComAfrique-InteliZon Initiative

Jul 19, 2010 – innovation – ZONbulb from InteliZon – a Vision of the Future of Lighting … to Sponsor the Village under the ComAfrique – InteliZon Initiative.



November, 20102010 RED HERRING ASIA FINALISTS …; Innoz Technologies, India,; Intelizon Energy, India,; Interworld …



Creating a World of Smart Energy

August, 2008 – Creating a World of Smart Energy. Dr. Kushant Uppal was recently chosen as one of the top 25 CEOs by Business Connect India.