commercial solar power

Commercial Solar Power

Technology enhances our quality of life which leads to a growing need for energy to power our technology. India will be more forward-looking in its approach to roll up additional investments worth Rs 1.75 lakh crore for having 35 GW of renewable power generation capacity next year to meet the ambitious target of 175 GW of clean energy capacity by 2022. The industry is enormous, and businesses are gently realizing how much it can save them. But is your company garnering the benefits? If not, then you need to consider once again and begin saving. Continue to read as we give our guide on commercial solar power.

Commercial Solar Power

There has been a significant change towards residential solar power. As the cost of solar panels has decreased and their efficiency has gone up, the majority of people are more anxious to save money on utilities by getting them installed. However, it is not just residential buildings that can benefit. Commercial solar power is simply for a commercial business other than the home. It could be used by small and large scale businesses, churches, temples, schools, or governments.

The size of these projects differ. They may include rooftop or ground mounts that could produce kilowatts to megawatts worth of power.

Commercial Systems

The power produced is distributed and are often connected to a local power grid thereby, leftover electricity can be returned to the grid for redistribution. This enables some investors to earn money through a scheme known as net metering. Basically, these investors are selling their solar power back to the power suppliers.

Commercial systems will essentially be much larger than residential ones. Most residential panels will produce around 8 kilowatts of power. Whereas, the bigger commercial panels will be producing megawatts.

Advantages of Commercial Solar

There are numerous advantages when you install solar panels for commercial purposes. They can be both economical and environmental. The foremost is the capacity to save money. You are reimbursing the cost of electricity, which in establishments like factories, warehouses, data centres, etc, can be enormous. Even small businesses like shops, grocery stores, bakeries, small manufacturing units could lower their usage completely. Moreover, if you buy domestically you are helping the local economy. This helps in creating business connections and exhibits you as a local businessman who holds their interests where they matter.

Ultimately, you promote an environmentally sound brand. People will perceive that you are a sustainable company, dedicated to green energy and the future. It will influence investors and your clients.


When it comes to funding, there are numerous options for your solar power for business. You can even consider hiring a system. Several bigger installers will give this to business customers since the size and scale makes economical sense.

One more option is to get a loan or buy instantly. In such a case, be sure you get solar installers who know the local and state regulations. There are numerous tax incentives, subsidies, and credit programs they are aware of, besides having links with better lenders.

Solar installation specialists will pounce at every opportunity to do business with you. A commercial solar project is usually a large one, so you have the strength when it comes to spotting people for your project, but you should be fortunate enough to spot a firm that does all of this.

Monitoring and Maintaining

To extract the maximum from your panels, you need to measure both your electricity production and usage on a regular basis. Without all this, it won’t be possible to detect how low your bills are and how to keep them low. This can be monitored by allocating this task to one person in your business.

For maintenance, you will be provided with an outline at the time of your solar panel installation. Then, you can in turn decide to hire the technician to do the work with the guide given or assign the task to a third party. Usually, after installation, a check will be made every six months for the first two years.

Installing Commercial Solar

In summary, find a reliable installer and do your survey. Estimate your savings, and see if it works out for your firm. Once you have made up your mind, research the best commercial solar providers in your area and make solar work for you.

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