Clean energy is now prettier! Graphic skins for Solar panels

Smart energy could look not-so-smart

Solar panels are proven to be one of the most needed inventions during the modern era. They provide a very clean and environmentally friendly solution to some energy needs and reduce the need for electricity production. Currently, homeowners are warming up to the trend of installing solar energy harvesting units on their rooftops to reduce their electricity consumption and to help in the clean energy movement. This is a great step toward tackling the environmental concerns of global warming. One of the reasons that some homeowners or residential developers hesitate to integrate solar power production into their energy consumption grids is that solar panels do not suit the aesthetic requirements of the builder or homeowner. To put it simply, the solar panels do not compliment the beauty and appeal of some houses.

Clean energy is now prettier! Graphic skins for Solar panels

Beauty and the East

Thankfully, engineers and technologists who have been propagating the need for clean and smart energy solutions are coming up with a great solution to the aesthetic requirements of the homeowners and builders who are hesitant to install solar home systems on their rooftops. The new technology allows for customized graphical films to be placed, so homeowners can just print the designs of their roofs out on this film and install it on their solar panels. The film does not reduce much of the solar panel’s efficiency, so users can rest assured that they get the best of both worlds with the graphics and solar technology.

Sunny side up

The Technology of solar skins uses selective light filtration. This means that it works like bus window advertisements. The best part about it is, it reflects a minimal amount of light and allows most of it to flow through itself toward the Photovoltaic cell. This ensures that literally any graphic can be utilised on the skin, whether it be the roof tiles, asphalt colours or even logos and custom artwork. About solar skin technology, Elon Musk has been known to say “We need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become. It needs to be beautiful, affordable and seamlessly integrated.” We can safely say that we are well on our way toward this vision and it inspires confidence for a brighter, smarter, cleaner and energy efficient future.

Bringing you to the bright side

Intelizon is a company of visionary enthusiasts of the solar technology community. We aim to improve on the integration and application of solar technology in the areas of daily and industrial development, guiding the future towards a brighter energy-efficient path. Our Solar light bulbs, solar home power solutions, solar street lights and many other projects are a product of years of innovation. With our focus on seamlessly integrated and highly efficient energy solutions for solar harvesting, we are a one-stop solution for your solar needs; household, company or industry. With one eye on the future and one on the present, we offer the best in terms of solar implementation into energy systems.

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