Can Solar Power Work for Your RV Air Conditioning Unit!

If you are the one who lives in an RV or thinking about living in one or even follow YouTubers who live the travel life, you definitely would have thought about the source of power. Without the regular supply of electricity as in homes, solar and battery would be the primary thought that strikes you. And when it’s about power consumption, air conditioners are ones with an extraordinary appetite. Even a 5000 BTU window air conditioners’ power consumption shoots up to 500W regardless of the size of your RV. So the question is, can we run this on solar power? Well, the simple answer would be a yes, but the practicality of it is quite complicated.

Can Solar Power Work for Your RV Air Conditioning Unit!

As you travel and camp in your RV you’ll end up in places where you certainly wouldn’t want the annoying sound and fumes and the hassle of your generator – Well, go solar!

We Speak Solar

Intelizon is paving its way to the world’s best clean energy company with solar products of top-notch technology and best in the industry cost efficiency. We have installed over 25000 solar street lights, running successfully for six years and over 100000 solar home systems.

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