Beat the Heat with Home Solar Panels this Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and with it comes warmer weather, longer days and higher electricity bills. It is the perfect time to install home solar panels and enjoy your summer without worrying about the rising costs of power.

Produce your own power & avoid higher electricity costs.

Installing solar panels on your roof is beneficial at any time of the year, but the advantages of solar power and going solar are even more noticeable in the summertime. It’s no secret that summer brings a rise in outdoor temperatures, causing home air conditioning use to spike in response to the heat. Installing a home solar system greatly combats the increase in power consumption and helps to lower your monthly electricity bill. Rooftop solar panels work to transform your home into your own personal power plant, generating energy from the sun to power your entire household. You will never have to worry about increasing utility costs again.

Go Solar this Summer and Save Money:

Another great reason to install a home solar system this summer is to take advantage of the longer days and abundance of sunshine. Home Solar Panels will collect more energy from the sun during the summer, helping to ensure that the solar system you install not only curbs power costs but can run your entire household. It will also greatly reduce and even possibly eliminate your monthly electricity bills, saving you money!

Do yourself a great favor with Solar Power.

Spend the rest of the summer in a state of total relaxation; knowing you are generating power and putting money back in your pocket that can be utilized for other purposes.

India has a great advantage of the Sun:

With a huge landmass and an average of 300 sunny days a year, India theoretically provides five trillion kilowatt-hours of clean and renewable solar power available every year across its length and breadth – enough to electrify the nation dozens of times over.

Solar Power a boon in Rural India:

A large proportion of India’s massive population is also crying out for electricity, driving the need for reliable sources of energy to bring power to the estimated 80,000 unelectrified rural villages (and 400 million people) across the country.

Solar Power is an economically viable option in our country:

One thing for certain is that there is no lack of sunlight in India, and that this sunlight can be harnessed for our power needs. As solar technology gets more advanced and cheaper it is becoming a more economically viable option for the country. At the moment India is the fifth largest producer and consumer of electricity behind countries like China, the U.S.A., Japan, and Russia. Sadly, burning coal is our main source for electricity generation and about 53% of power is produced from coal. As we all know our love for coal and the burning of other fossil fuels is destroying our planet at an exponential rate. Most current environmental figures state that if humans keep burning coal at the rate we are, by 2050 humankind will be at the brink of destruction. Currently, the electrical infrastructure of rural India is extremely poor At the moment about 400 million people in India are living without access to electricity. Now that India’s government has opened its arms to the renewable energy sector, many established solar energy providers are looking to help electrify rural India. The solar-micro-grid system not only supplies electricity to villagers but also pays them out of what they save on kerosene.

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