Nearly 70% of Indian population lives in rural/remote areas

Street lights Remote areaEven today, most of these places are deprived of electricity and kerosene lamps, candles, lanterns etc… are their primary sources of lighting

InteliZon strives to lighten up their lives through their solar products which are highly efficient, which require less maintenance, eco-friendly, harmless and affordable. Rural and remote locations benefit greatly from our solutions as solar is a wireless technology and the lowest cost approach in many locations due to unavailability of a reliable grid structure.

Our products have a wide range of applications in the rural areas, which can be listed as follows:

Outdoor – Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights in rural areas has a huge impact as it provides reliable outdoor lighting which improves the living conditions by providing safety to women and children. It also allows communities to engage in activities after sunset thus enhancing livelihood and improving income potential. ZOnstreet, our flagship solar LED streetlight has been installed in many villages of India and Africa and has impacted over 2 million lives to date.

Indoor – Solar Home System

Over 2 billion people globally are still without electricity. There are many locations where the grid is impossible to reach as they are remote and there are others where the grid has reached but electricity supply is erratic. Zonpower, our solar home system with DC lights and fans and lithium ion battery is a portable, reliable and safe system which is the most cost effective way for rural homes to improve their standard of living. These can be connected to the grid with as simple AC/DC adaptor which we provide once the grid reaches people’s homes. The inverter less DC system also reduces electricity bill by 50 to 90% as the dimmable lights and fans are highly efficient.

Solar Energy Application Examples

  • Solar street lights, which will be charged for day long using sun light and will be automatically lit as dusk approaches.
  • Solar Lights in the front yard of the houses
  • Solar lanterns, torches etc… which do not require electricity for being charged and can be handy at times of emergency
  • Solar lights in the fields

And many more.

What have we done?

Our products have been successful in brightening up the lives of many people in the remote areas thereby impacting their lives significantly.

Some of our recent works in the remote areas are listed as below:

Village Odisha

Solar Light in Odisha

Gaushala Near Jaipur

Gaushala near Jaipur

Cemetery, Nagaland

Cemetery, Nagaland