Energy consumption is the highest in the industrial sector, which involves high costs

Industrial LightingA huge potential to save energy and cut costs by moving to Solar lighting

Operational expenses can be reduced to a significant level by minimizing the energy consumption thereby making the company more profitable. In addition to this, moving to sustainable and eco-friendly products helps the companies/industries in reducing their carbon footprint.

InteliZon has diversified product portfolio with a wide range of applications which can be efficiently used in the industrial space.

Industrial Solar Street Lights and Solar lighting Product Applications

Industrial Outdoor Solar Lights

Many industries use grid based outdoor lights and provide power backup via diesel generators or inverters. This is a very expensive solution. The backup is also shared between the production equipment and the outdoor lights leading to compromise on production output at times. Our high power solar industrial lights with inbuilt lithium ion battery are the perfect standalone wireless solution for outdoor lighting. It not only saves electricity but also removes the need for generators or inverters for the outdoor lights.

Indoor Lighting Products

Industries need a lot of lights and fans for their production needs. Companies are installing rooftop solar with battery backup to reduce their power consumption. An ideal solution would be to use ZOnpower with the efficient DC lights and fans to cut down the power consumption by 50% to 90% compared to existing loads. This is also a lower cost solution compared to the conventional solar rooftop design.

The applications of our products could be further summarized:

  • Entire lighting within the industry
  • Solar street lights on the paths

And many more.

Industrial/Commercial Solar Street Light Installations

Till date, our products have been successful in saving a significant amount of energy and will continue to increase to a great extent thereby impacting many lives and making earth a better place to live.

Some of our recent works in the industrial space are listed as below:

Bluestar Campus, Mumbai

Bluestar Campus, Mumbai

Vedanta Factory, Odisha

Vedanta factory, Odisha

Guesthouse, Nagaland

Guesthouse, Nagaland

Apart from these, our products are being widely used in the industrial sector which help the industries in cutting the operational costs significantly.