An Introduction to the IP65 Casing on Zonstreet Outdoor Solar Lighting

The Zonstreet boasts of a superior protection with the IP65 casing. Being enclosed in the IP-65 casing affords the product and its users a whole host of advantages. But what exactly is the IP65? Jargon is never helpful for regular consumers of any product and so with the Zonstreet as well. Let’s discuss what exactly IP65 means and how it is useful in enabling outdoor solar lighting technology run better. Here is a quick description of the expression and its use in the protection of the Zonstreet.


What is IP?

It is the abbreviation for International Protection Marking and sometimes Ingress Protection Marking which rates and classifies the degrees of protection. It accurately quantifies the level of protection of any product instead of generic terms such as waterproof and dust resistant. Besides the letters, the first digit indicates the level of dust protection and the second indicates liquid protection. For example, an umbrella can be rated as IP01 and a tent as IP42. A submarine on the other end of the spectrum is rated as IP 68 which is completely impregnable by external particles.

How protective is IP65?

An IP65 enclosure is perfect for an electronic item such as the Zonstreet which is exposed to the natural elements for many years. IP65 rated products are protected against water jets. There is not harmful effect on the system with water being projected at the enclosure by a nozzle from any direction. The test duration lasts at least 15 minutes with 12.5 litres of water projected per minute. The maximum pressure generated at this rate from a distance of 3 metres is 30 kPa. That is incredible protection for the system.

Advantages of IP65 Enclosure in the Zonstreet

The protective casing on the Zonstreet is made of certified cable gland and polyamide material. Theft is a common problem among outdoor solar lighting and is solved by the enclosure. The compact Lithium-Ion battery pack is securely built into the system and is impregnable making it thoroughly theft proof. It is also weather resistant and stays unaffected by stormy days or an extensive monsoon season.

The IP65 casing is a big advantage in the Zonstreet which adds many years to the lifetime of the system by cutting maintenance costs completely

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