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How efficiently are our traditional street lights performing? Are we staying abreast of technological developments & energy management? Efficiency is not just about how well lit our streets are, it also concerns about how this activity is costing us? When technology is enabling us to save money now by transforming our street lighting system, why not go for it? State-of-the-art multifunctional street lighting is, in fact, a break-through & a boon to mankind. Complete city-wide infrastructures can be revolutionized now over a period of time. We will have more funds to spend elsewhere after that.


Energy Efficient Solar LED Street Lighting

Traditional street lights are now fast being replaced with LED fixtures. These not only save energy but are longer lasting as well. LED lights do not break easily, consume lesser units every year & do not reach high temperatures. Simply stated, these lights provide better illumination & save money at the same time by consuming less energy. Moreover, they are a fixed component of any solar street light. If you wanted to increase returns on investment, all you need to do is include solar LED street lighting.

All in One Solar Street Light

There are various components which fit in all in one solar street light specifications depending upon whether you are looking for mere night lighting or want to add surveillance as well. Surveillance & solar street lighting has now efficiently combined without extra costs except for additional costs of a CCTV camera. Here are some of the positives –

1. Green Power Through Solar Panels

Solar panels are revolutionizing the energy industry worldwide. Moreover, with solar street lights, you don’t have to find space for large solar panels to generate power. Top of the solar street pole is all we need to provide enough energy for the street lighting system. Green energy is clean energy & we are therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

2. Save Money on Installation

Solar street lights can stand alone & negates the requirement of another electrical source. In fact, it is one of the easiest structures to install where no trenches for power lines are required. While you save money on material & labor costs, implementation is pretty quick & easy. It is therefore sensible to reduce costs alongside contributing to a viable financial investment which will only bring savings in the long run.

3. Use Remote Management System

Just imagine you can remotely manage & control the street light all the time. Change your thinking there is no need of maintenance workers. The remote management system of your solar street light enables you to control efficiently from wherever you are stationed. All you need to just be online through a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Now you can effectively manage schedules of turning the solar street light on & off based upon your preferences.

4. Dim Lights & Save Energy

You can derive great benefit from a light on demand functions. Energy wastage is a primary reason for burgeoning budgets. There is no use of shining bright lights when there is no one around. This is mere wastage of energy. Smart solar street light technology comes with motion sensors which understand when illumination is required. They also have dimming functionalities which will save energy when it is not required.

5. 24X7 Surveillance

How about preventing crime with you solar street light. These lights with CCTV create comfortable environments for employees & citizens in outdoor premises. It is a well-known fact that criminals are deterred by areas allowing CCTV footage. Through it, you can have complete footage of your entire premises without having to install any secondary infrastructure. This requires additional expense just once, but the amount of money you would save on lowering insurance premiums & limiting theft is worth it.

Indian Manufacturerers

Zonstreet GSM & Zonstreet CCTV is top-of-the-line solar street lights solutions brought by Intelizon, a leading all in one solar street light manufacturer in India. Both these solar street lights are perfect outdoor lighting solutions which allow remote monitoring from hard to reach locations. Solar lighting & cameras for grid-free security are a fact of life nowadays. Zonstreet GSM & Zonstreet CCTV green outdoor lighting solutions are well suited for lighting up courtyards, gardens, car parks, compounds, boundary walls, streets & other spaces.

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