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Advantages of Video Analytics

The role of video analytics has never had more significance with the constant technological changes in new kinds of videos. The extraction of important and relevant information from digital videos can be done through video analytics.

The list of benefits that video surveillance systems provide to new or existing CCTV systems is long. From detecting person or object movements to preventing theft, video surveillance is effective. Here are a few benefits:

Minimizes the Hassle

With so much workaround, it’s challenging to manage every little detail. Video surveillance system allows you to reduce the annoyance that continues in 24/7 surveillance. It also works as a proactive supervisor. The tiniest details can be pulled through sophisticated algorithms and pixel by pixel analysis.

Human/Object Identification

AI & ML based surveillance software tool in CCTV allows us to identify, recognize gender, count, the human/animal/object from a digital video.

It also identifies the type of vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, scooter, 2 wheeler, or a 4 wheeler. And this can be possible by importing the information image of human/animal/object images within the database. By business and for security assurance, it is helpful in several situations.

Face Recognition

Intelligent video analytics can detect multiple people’s identities from a digital video or an image through selected facial features comparison. And this can be possible by the face images & identification information given and stored within the database.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring in video analytics cctv might be an overlooked advantage. This supports monitoring of activity from anywhere on surveillance feed with connection to the internet and all this possible only with a highly-integrated digital video system.

Not just laptops, tablets, and mobile devices can also be used to view live streams or access archived footage.


Artificial intelligence surveillance software comes with cost-effectiveness than its analog counterpart. With the AI & ML based video analytics platform all the information/videos captured by CCTV are stored in Cloud.

Also, this stored information is in the compressed digital feeds form, and automatically only the relevant information goes to the cloud.

Because of the same, we are claiming here video surveillance platform uses less space than analog video. So less physical infrastructure (hard disks, CDs, People) is required to store the data, wherein the case isn’t the same in traditional systems.

The need for hiring additional security personnel can be reduced and extra costs can also be saved.

Time Saver

Keeping an eye on all the activities of the business and innumerable hours of videos, can’t be watched every day. Video analytics can monitor video feeds to choose up activities, and specified behavior through the recognition of movement patterns.

So that you don’t have to sit and spend every minute to view security footage. Automatically alerts are generated and sent to the security team.

Enhance Productivity

When the work which consumes a lot of time, is already managed digitally, through a digital surveillance system monitoring all activity in the workplace. Employees are more likely to relax and remain on task, have breaks efficiently, and feel carefree in the workplace.

Modernized CCTV systems have a broad range of innovative features that go beyond mere video recording and monitoring. And the implementation of artificial intelligence video surveillance is gaining influence in different industries around the world for security and inspection purposes.

CCTV with video analytics lets you ‘see’ the ‘unseen’. Depending on your requirements choose the one which suits your business.

Talk to an expert now for your surveillance solutions at Intelizon.

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