solar street lights

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Why to worry about the huge Electricity bills or power outages when you could brighten up your walkways, driveways, streets and many more with a solar lighting system. Yes, you heard me right! solar street lighting system (SSLS) is one of the most affordable ways to fill your lives with light. The concept of renewable energy is one of the most highly talk through concept to decrease global warming. 

Innovative ideas and inventions always take over to provide comfort to the humankind. One of its most desired inventions is solar street lighting system as these light sources powered by a solar panel which absorbs the energy from the sun and as we know, this renewable energy from the sun is free and always will be. So, this would be your best go-to option and on the other hand, you would be contributing your part to save the earth from global warming.

Villages are the backbone of our country but according to a survey, there were about 31 million homes who still live in the dark. We can achieve 100% village electrification by using solar street lights in villages and we could show a ray of light to the people living in dark. 

Solar street lights are completely environmental friendly as it reduces the carbon footprints which are created from non-renewable sources. It’s cost-effective, less maintenance, and also available in different models.

To increase the solar energy efficiency and to avoid any shortcomings, we introduce solar street light remote monitoring with which we can wirelessly monitor the good quality of solar street lights through the internet. We also have solar street lights with a camera that captures every moment and notifies you. 

Solar street light kit is a standalone solar system consisting of;

* Low Maintenance Battery

* Solar Photovoltaic Module

* LED Light

* Pole and Solar Panel Bracket

* Interconnecting Cables

* Battery Box 

This solar street light lithium battery is the new age lithium-ion battery that has intelligence brightness control and maintenance-free technology which provides longer backup hours and battery life.

Coming to the solar lights design, the solar photovoltaic module is fixed on top of the pole to receive maximum sunlight during the daytime to produce a suitable voltage to charge the battery which is used to light up the LED during night time.

There are Mainly Three Types of Solar Street Lights

  1. Split Solar Street Lights: Here the solar panel, battery and LED fixtures are separately installed and it has no LED power limitation.
  2. Two in One Solar Street Lights: Here the solar panel is installed on the top and the battery and controllers are in LED fixtures.
  3. All in One Solar Street Lights: Here the solar panel, battery, controller and LED are installed together. It has a limitation for LED power and battery capacity.

Maintenance of solar street lights is minimal. The reason behind it is the smart battery control system which advances the control system and lasts the battery life longer. A maintenance check-up is suggested to ensure optimal work.

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

  • Since these lights are wireless, the risk of theft is high compared to regular street lights
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other street lights yet it could be covered as the months pass by.    
  • Rechargeable batteries need to be replaced a few times within the lifetime
  • Under extreme weather conditions, regular monitoring is suggested as there are the chances of dust or moisture getting layered on the PV Panels resulting in the decrease of power production.

Installing a solar street light is much easier compared to the regular street lights. It can be placed anywhere and even in remote areas. Can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.  

Solar street lights are the best and innovative creation of the decade for hassle-free, low maintenance, and cost-effective way to bring light for the people wandering in the dark. 

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