Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are increasingly getting popular by the day. It is a dependable source of lighting the streets all over the world. Especially in countries where there is an abundance of sunlight, this is the most ideal option for illuminating public places like parks, gardens & streets. It has become easier nowadays since PV panels, in-built battery & LED lights along with smart sensors are all integrated into a single compact unit. Solar LED street lights are good looking, long lasting & typically acknowledged for energy conservation. Moreover, solar energy street lights are maintenance-free.


Key Features of Solar Street Light Products

Modern solar street light products come with an embedded solar panel, in-built lithium ion battery & battery management system along with night & motion sensors & automatic controls. Atypical solar energy street light device is weather-proof & water resistant. It has low glare & low rate of insect attraction alongside a longer life.

Working of Solar Energy Street Lights

Solar panel which is embedded in the solar street light device converts solar power into solar energy. This is subsequently stored into the inbuilt solar street light lithium-ion battery & used for lighting operations from dusk to dawn. The battery management system is the main innovation of modern day solar street light products. These devices are facilitated by the presence of night & motion sensors. The intensity of light reduces till dawn until motion is detected within a certain radius beneath the light when it automatically turns to full brightness. This smart feature which is now incorporated in modern solar street light products effectively combines aspects of renewable energy with energy efficiency.

Zonstreet CCTV & Zonstreet GSM

Both these solar street light products by Intelizon have been tried & successfully tested in a variety of domestic & commercial applications. Zonstreet CCTV & Zonstreet GSM are well-suited for lighting up streets, car parks, boundary walls, compounds, parks, gardens, courtyards & other spaces in an eco-friendly & cost-effective manner.

Unending Advantages of Having Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights incur minimal operational costs since they are off-grid in nature. These lights are stand-alone & wireless in nature & independent of any utility company. Solar street lights do not pose any threats of accidents like overheating, electrocutions or strangulation since they are devoid of any external wires. Moreover, solar energy street lights require zero maintenance in comparison with traditional street lights. Irrespective of power cuts & grid failures, solar energy street lights can illuminate streets throughout the night.

Safe & Clean Green Energy

Since solar energy street lights significantly lower the carbon footprint of individuals, homes & businesses, they are a delight for environmentalists across the world. To say the truth, solar power street lights are a perfect green lighting solution which mankind was waiting for. Considering the capital along with operation & maintenance costs, solar street lights are a better investment option than traditional street lights.

Drawbacks of Solar Energy Street Lights

There are a few disadvantages to having solar street lights. The higher initial investment is one in comparison with traditional street lights. Another drawback is that since solar street lights are non-wired they are prone to theft. Accumulation of moisture, dust or snow on horizontal PV panels can lead to a reduction or complete stoppage of energy production. This is the reason that solar energy street lights need to be checked once in a when placed in extreme weather conditions.

Frankly, after measuring both the advantages & disadvantages, overall benefits far outweigh the negative aspects. This is perhaps the reason as to why more & more people across the world are switching over to solar energy street lights.

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