Advantages & Disadvantages of Automatic Solar Street Lights

Latest solar powered technological advancements have paved the way for automatic street light systems to take the front seat. These automatic solar street lights are raised outdoor light sources powered by photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels are either connected in the pole or mounted on the lighting structure. There is a rechargeable battery in the automatic street light system which provides the requisite power to the LED lamp during the entire night. These solar street lights are able to automatically sense outdoor light with the help of a sensor. They can this way smartly save power & give light on successive nights even when sunlight is unavailable for a couple of days. This is the reason many users nowadays are switching over to solar street lights.


Advantages of Automatic Solar Street Lights

First of all solar energy is absolutely free & is a renewable resource for generating electricity. Here are some other advantages of using the automatic solar street light system.

Disadvantages of Automatic Solar Street Lights

There are some disadvantages which are associated with solar street lights as well.

Application of Automatic Solar Street Lights

Application of automatic solar street light systems is fast growing in popularity throughout the world. These have proved to be inexpensive means of lighting up roads & which are also sustainable & eco-friendly. Automatic street light systems have several applications because of their beneficial characteristics.

Future Scope of Automatic Solar Street Lights

With the advancement in science & technology future scope of automatic solar street lights is very bright. Demand for power affects human life in many ways. It is not only important but essential to find ways to conserve power in order to prevent exhausting resources. Switching to a smart automatic street light system will also reduce power wastage which conventional street lights are known to do.

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