About Us

Intelizon Energy is the world leader in energy based product innovation for developing countries. We have set the standards for energy efficient products using a combination of lithium-ion battery with solar, LED and advanced electronics technology to provide high quality and reliable solutions at affordable prices. We have set the standards for reliability in outdoor lighting and are working on introducing IOT and Machine learning technologies to set the standards for wireless outdoor lighting and surveillance systems.

Our mission is straightforward: RELIABLE AND QUALITY ELECTRICITY FOR ALL. We are creating platforms which will enable productivity gains for people living in rural areas worldwide. These platforms have features which are beneficial for the developed world.

Most companies globally provide piecemeal solutions leaving it to the customers for creating their own systems. Our focus is on the energy ecosystem – provide the best in class system efficiency through the source and load management and combine it with reliable electronics for the balance of the system. To this end, we have created innovative outdoor and indoor solar and grid-based platforms. In addition, we also provide the best in class sales and service to our esteemed customers.

Meet the Team


Dr. Kushant Uppal, Founder, and Managing Director

Dr. Kushant has spent over 20 years developing industry-leading technology products and businesses in the hotbed of innovation – Silicon Valley, California. He has incubated and managed global businesses in Asia, Europe, and North America with sales up to Rs1000 mio and have hands-on experience in manufacturing, R&D, and marketing. In 2006, Kushant decided that energy efficient products are the key to enhancing productivity and presented a tremendous market opportunity for a new venture. The passion to create an enterprise has driven him to India to drive technology and business with a focus on India and Africa. Kushant has an MS and Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Southern California and a B-tech from IIT Madras.

R S Uppal

R.S. Uppal, Director

Mr. R.S. Uppal has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing of consumer products in India. He has successfully set up and managed distribution channels across India.

Nagababu Intelizon

Nagababu, Senior Manager, Operations and Quality

Nagababu is the superman of the company who takes care of quality, planning and mechanical design activities. His passion and commitment has been instrumental in making sure our product quality is never compromised.

Anandam Boora Intelizon

Anandam Boora, Senior Manager R&D

Anandam believes in the adage ‘slow and steady wins the race’. His diligence in enabling hardware designs has allowed us to create reliable platforms which have been time-tested in the field under various operating conditions.

P Ravi Intelizon

P. Ravi, Manager Accounts

Ravi is the loudspeaker in the company and keeps a tab on everything. He takes care of accounts, banking, and taxation related activities. He can multi-task at amazing speeds and is one of the friendliest persons around.

Prasanna Intelizon

Prasanna, Manager Logistics

Nothing in the company moves without the intervention of the man from Odisha. He takes every responsibility seriously and makes sure our inventory is properly accounted and the customer always receives the shipments on time!!

Phanendra Intelizon

Phanendra, R&D Engineer

Phanendra is the shy one in the group although never shy to put his hand up to work hard. He is eager to learn and a valuable asset to the company!

Shivaleela Intelizon

Shivaleela, Supply chain engineer

Shivaleela brings the lady factor to the team. She is a tough customer as our suppliers would vouch. She is a fast learner and critical of herself if things do not go right!

Rajsekhar Intelizon

Rajsekhar, R&D engineer

Rajsekhar is the ever dependable engineer for making sure all our testing is done properly. He is also the ‘Mr. Consistent’ of the company.

Naveen Intelizon

Naveen, Supervisor

Naveen is the workhorse of the company and the to-go guy for every department. Always ready to help he is a quintessential team person. He also makes sure that every product that goes out the company is as per our high quality standards.

Madhu Intelizon

Madhu, Supervisor

Madhu is the silent assassin who goes about his job efficiently. He makes sure that all incoming material is as per our quality standards.

Shankar Mazumdar Intelizon

Shankar Mazumdar, Sales Entrepreneur

Shankar is highly energetic with a sharp sales mindset. With a never say no attitude and a keen eye for details, he is a true entrepreneur in the making!! We are fortunate to have him taking care of the Northeast region.


Nidhil, Sales Entrepreneur

Nidhil is the ultimate networker. A hard working Keralite who has helped setup a great set of partners in the southern region. He is hungry to earn and dedicated to the task on hand.

Apart from the above members, our strong team of consultants and business partners are key members of the Intelizon family who have helped us reach where we are today and are dedicated to help grow the company and the brand!