20 Seconds is All it Takes for You to Go Solar


Solar power has broken all records in the year 2018. The sun was helpful in providing an extended warm summer last year. Share of power from solar energy has drastically increased globally in the last 3 years. While wind turbines decreased, solar energy broke all records. Total share of power from wind & solar panels have more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Hot & Calm Summers

Hot & calm summers in 2018 influenced the solar results in 2018. However, there is a big possibility that we can break the record again in 2019. We are expecting to experience a normal average this year as well. There are more renewable records ahead. It is anticipated that solar energy will be able to break several records in the days to come. Offshore farms can also play a big role in the days to come.

High Share of Solar Energy

High share of solar energy means that the solar system has to manage hours & days with high power. Production from solar panels can eventually exceed power consumption even on calm & cloudy weather conditions. Reliability on solar power systems depend in future may depend upon power plants which harness solar energy. International connections & large interconnected power markets can make a big change. Power generation from renewable energy can make a big difference.


Strengthening the Pool of Renewable Energy

Managing bigger shares of renewable energy was unable to understand a few years ago. Security of electric supply ranks among the best. We should be aiming to develop the solar power market & infrastructure in close cooperation with governmental authorities, the solar power industry & other stakeholders. This is a significant task which can create the right conditions for progress. Consumption, flexibility & solar energy can make the renewable energy sector a powerful system.  

Zonstreet Outdoor Solar Street Lights

This is the most innovative solar based outdoor solar street lights. It is based on lithium ion technology with an inbuilt dimmer & light sensor. This outdoor solar street light overcomes all problems faced with grid & lead-acid based lights. This is a hassle-free desired option which is theft & water-proof.

Zonpower Home Solar System

This is the major innovative solar power based DC system from Intelizon! It powers lights, fans, charges & television sets in some cases. This DC solar home system can help you save about 90% of your grid electricity billings. It is an inverter-less solution that requires no DC to AC conversion. Dimming of tube lights & fans can also be managed by remote control.

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