12 Reasons Solar is Beating Fossil Fuels

As the world plummets into an environmental crisis due to pollution and global warming, sustainable living is the necessity of the hour. It is no more a choice to live sustainable because the survival of our fragile planet and all its life forms is at stake. Our choices affect our future.

It is no more about debating whether renewable energy such as solar power is better than fossil fuels or vice-versa. The damage already caused by human beings as a species is irreparable and if we continue to live the way we do, the current generation has a very good chance of witnessing the end of the world as we know it. All we can do at the moment is prolong the ultimate end by acting immediately.


A Brief about Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels such as petroleum, diesel, kerosene, coal, and natural gas have been around since time immemorial and continue to be the predominant source of power generation throughout the world. They are produced naturally due to the decay and decomposition of organic matter over millennia. Though Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources and have been used extensively since the industrial revolution began in the 1800’s, its use has been slowly decreasing as people are becoming more environmentally aware.

Fossil fuels continue to power a major part of our daily lives. They do however emit a massive amount of carbon and greenhouse gases, which have caused a massive hole in the ozone layer. This has also drastically increased the temperature levels around the world, causing global warming. It has also led to a rise in respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma, and so on which has led to a number premature deaths throughout the world.

The good news is that the use of fossil fuel usage is slowly decreasing while solar energy use has been increasing.

A Brief about Solar Energy

Sunlight is essential to life and is a source of free and abundant energy. Solar energy is generated by converting the sun’s energy into electricity. Harvesting solar power would allow us to power our planet for billions of years to come without destroying nature and causing any sort of hazards. Solar powered energy will be freely available until the death of the sun.

Due to corporate lobbying and the money involved in the greedy oil industry, the struggle to do away with energy generated through fossil fuels continues a long drawn battle.

Renewable energy is freely available in nature and does not cause environmental damage. In addition to being eco-friendly, renewable sources of energy are available everywhere and are practically free.

Let us take a closer look at the benefits of Solar Energy when compared to Fossil Fuels:

Advantages of Solar Energy over Fossil Fuels – A Comparison

Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels Cost and Statistics

The lowest per kilowatt hour cost of power generated from fossil fuels ranges from $0.03 to $0.06. In contrast, the power generated from solar energy is mere $0.029/kWh. The discussion whether solar is cheaper is out of the question. Scientists around the world are working round the clock to further lower the prices of solar panels. The day is not far when solar energy would be generating 50% of world’s power requirements.

It is time to leave fossil fuels behind and ring in the Eco-friendly new by converting to clean solar energy. Go clean, go green, and go solar.

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