Who are we ?

Intelizon is a pioneer in lithium ion based solar streetlights and hybrid DC systems. We believe that energy should be reliable, affordable and clean. The path to this is through innovative engineering using technologies like solar, efficient appliances like LED, BLDC fans, state of the art batteries and advanced electronics.

Intelizon’s brand is known for innovation, quality, and reliability and we continue to set the bar for excellence.

How do we make ?

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion is becoming the battery of choice for various applications ranging from solar, electric vehicles and portable electronics. We are the pioneers in using these batteries for our solar street lighting and home systems.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Fast charging (1C) & Long (>2000) cycle life
  • High energy density - Fit more capacity in small size
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Wireless Surveillance

All of us want to feel safe while walking in the streets and communities. The Zonstreet++ is a first of its kind an all in one lighting and surveillance solution ideal.

  • 24X7 surveillance with color images
  • Wireless-Easy installation
  • IOT-Remote monitoring via desktop or mobile
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Remote Monitoring + Control

Internet of Things (IOT) is a widely used terminology which is impacting all aspects of our life. Our IOT platform allows users to remotely perform diagnostics and control the solar streetlights from the comfort of their home or office.

  • Wifi or SMS based communication
  • Monitor solar, battery and light status
  • Control light though app
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Hybrid DC Inverter

We have introduced the concept of DIY (Design it yourself) for the solar DC systems. The first of its kind inverterfree system can run bulbs, tube lights, fans, mobile phones and TV with solar and grid.

  • Allows customization as per requirement
  • Modular & Scalable system
  • Safe & child friendly system
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Hybrid Outdoor System

Power outages lead to darkness due to lack of backup on grid streetlights. Our inbuilt battery based grid streetlights provide backup and also have auto dusk to dawn feature.

  • Inbuilt lithium ion battery provides upto 3 hour backup
  • 2W solar panel for sauté dusk to dawn
  • Auto dimming for reduced power consumption
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Pay G

We are developing PayG systems using SMS communication and unique features which will allow seamless operation for the distributor and consumer. Also, it allows the distributor to offer products on a leasing model.

  • Allows remote ON/OFF
  • System shutdown based on time of use
  • SMS based communication for reliable communication
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Our Impact

Lives Impacted

Our Customers

​Solar Street Lights – Atul Gondar, Maharashtra

​Solar Street Lights – Zhatuo from Nagaland

Meet Our Partners


Comfrique Limited


IIt madras


Western Railways

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InteliZon Energy Pvt. Ltd. has lots of investors and channel partners who are working together for a better tomorrow. We have strategically collaborated with our partners to provide a good distribution network and exceptional service levels to our customers for greater satisfaction.

Lets clean the planet with high quality & reliable solutions at affordable prices !

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