What Are the Hazards of Solar Power?

Before you opt for this renewable source of energy, it would be sensible to understand what are the hazards of solar power? However, the fact remains that this is one of the safest & emission-free methods of creating electrical power. It offers great potential for the future as well. Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks we should also be considering. Technology will have to learn to overcome these hazards in order to fulfill the green potential.

  • Overcoming Greenhouse Gases Pollution – Quite often the production of solar panels involve generating potent greenhouse gases. Nitrogen Trifluoride is such common compound in the solar manufacturing industry that is 17,000 times more hazardous than carbon dioxide. Another compound Sulfur Hexafluoride is also used for creating certain types of solar panels & is extremely potent greenhouse gas known to exist. Although solar panel manufacturers design production lines that can effectively trap these greenhouse gases, any breach can cause significant damage to the environment.
  • Bypass Generating Hazardous Products & Polluting Water – Apart from these harmful gases to the environment, manufacture of the solar panel also involves generating toxic products & polluted water. Four tons of silicon tetrachloride is generated for producing each ton of polysilicon. Silicon tetrachloride is a topsoil poison which can make ground that would be unsuitable for plant growth. Environmental impact studies suggest that it would take a solar panel to offset energy in order to overcome the damage caused by these toxic wastes.
  • Danger From Electricity – It is a fact that presently is unsuitable for appliances like air conditioners & ovens which require a lot of energy. This is why many homeowners adopt solar power for only a portion of their electricity needs. Installation of connecting to local power grid has also got some advantages. Households can sell back excess electricity generated through solar panels during periods of low usage. It is unfortunate that power company equipment which is involved in stepping down high voltage current from transition lines work both ways. Therefore solar panels feeding back into the system in an event of outage can create lethal voltages for people attempting to repair the damage. This is the reason as to why solar tie-in systems develop to include an automatic feature which is designed to shut down solar generation during events like a blackout.
  • Risks From Installation – Installation is another risk involved with solar power since most home solar panels involve installations above the building. The potential for injury or death from falling during installation or repairs is significant. However, no regular statistics of injuries or deaths are available since the solar power industry does not maintain any records. But working at heights & electric work are most dangerous jobs.

It is important that we understand what are the hazards of solar power? If technology & proper care are able to overcome these aspects, solar energy is one of the safest ways to overcome our needs of electricity to a large extent.

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What Are the Hazards of Solar Power?
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