Top 10 Facts about Solar Energy

Solar energy generally refers to energy which is derived from sunlight. The sun has been producing energy for the past billions of years & is the most important source for all life on earth. Moreover, it is a renewable source, unlike fossil fuels. It is only recently that we have successfully learned to harvest solar energy & purposefully use it for the benefit of mankind. One of the main benefits of solar energy is that it is the cleanest form of energy which does not produce any pollutants. It is also renewable & requires low maintenance. It is also easy to install. Here are some more facts concerning solar energy.

  • Solar Energy is Completely Free – Yes this is a completely free source of energy. Moreover, it is abundantly available. Although the sun is 90 million miles away from us, it merely takes 10 minutes for sunlight to reach us. The upper atmosphere of the earth receives 174 petawatts of solar radiation of which 30% is reflected back into space. The rest is more than sufficient for us & is absorbed by clouds, oceans & land masses.
  • Solar Power is the Most Exciting Use of Solar Energy – We have efficiently learned to convert solar energy into electricity with help of photovoltaic cells (direct) & by concentrating solar power (indirect). Focusing large beams of sunlight into a small beam with help of mirrors or lenses has helped & made it possible in concentrating solar power. Photovoltaic effect helps us in converting solar energy into electrical energy which can be stored in batteries.
  • Solar Power is the Future of Alternative Sources of Energy – Yes, it is recognized as the future of alternative sources of energy. It is non-polluting & is also helpful in combating the greenhouse effect on global climate change which is caused by fossil fuels. Solar energy does not cause any type of pollution, is ecologically acceptable without affecting the environment in any way.
  • Solar Energy is a Reliable Source of Energy – Sunlight is almost available at all parts of the world. The sun is one of the most reliable sources of energy which is available to us every day without fail. With the technology available to us the most common domestic use of solar energy is from solar panels. This is one of the most widely used renewable energy nowadays which is used as substituting electricity.
  • Solar Energy Will be More Affordable in Future – Solar energy is bound to be more affordable in future with technological advancements & research. Alongside decrease in costs, it will also be more efficient. Solar energy will, in fact, prove to be a major source of renewable energy since it has a massive potential providing long-term advantages.
  • Maintenance-Free Solar Energy – It is true that solar panels are virtually maintenance-free. Lithium-ion batteries which are largely used these days require no water or other regular servicing & thereby last for years to come. Moreover, there are no recurring costs involved once these solar panels are involved.
  • Reduce Electricity Bills with Solar Energy – You can significantly reduce electricity bills with solar power. Apart from that, there are so many tax incentives & rebate programs provided by governments throughout the world that are designed to spur use of solar power. You also gain to save homeowners money at the same time.
  • Working of a Home Solar Power System – The home solar power system consists of many solar panels, an inverter, battery set, charge regulator, wiring & other supporting materials. While the sunlight is absorbed by the solar panels & converted to electricity by the system, it is the battery which stores electricity which can be used at a later point of time. With help of the battery backup, solar energy, in fact, can provide 24X7-electricity even on cloudy days & nights.
  • Solar Energy is Noise Pollution Free – Since there are no moving parts within the solar power system, it is absolutely free of noise pollution. Moreover, it does not require any additional fuel & is capable of generating power from sunlight alone.
  • Potential for Solar Energy – At present solar energy is able to fulfill just a small fraction of energy required by the world although it is used on a wide scale. It has a huge potential & will, therefore, expand its reach in the days to come.

Every year the sun provides energy which is able to sustain all life & its requirements on earth. Solar energy can effectively convert sunlight into electrical energy to meet global requirements. Presently, only 10% of global energy needs are managed by solar energy, but the scope for expansion in the future is mind-boggling.

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Top 10 Facts about Solar Energy
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