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As a technology leader in lithium-ion based solar streetlights and home systems, we continuously endeavor to educate our partners and customers on the benefits of our systems. The white papers are a way for us to provide details on the technological advancements in the solar segment so customers are aware of the challenges and best solutions in the market.

We continuously update this section and invite people to give us feedback for improvement.

Autonomy in Solar Street Lights

Solar street lighting is a wireless solution with the potential to be the global technology of choice for all the outdoor lighting requirements. One of the key requirements…

Inbuilt lithium ion based Solar Vs Traditional Grid based Community Lighting Solution

The traditional Grid based Lighting solution is typically a 36/40W rated CFL/tube Light IP54 fixture based community lighting System mounted on a pole…

Techno-commercial Comparison of Inbuilt lithium ion Vs lead acid based solar outdoor lighting solution

Solar based outdoor lighting is a terrific wireless option and a reliable solution has the potential to replace all grid based lights. Lead acid (LA) based systems have…