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The Journey of ZON Solar Lighting Solutions from India to Africa


India to Gambia, Africa
As demonstrated by the silk road of the ancient world, ideas have the power to travel across continents and change people’s lives. Here’s the story of the Zonbulb by Intelizon Energy and its journey from India to the villages of West Africa. The profound effect the product has had on people in the region and their progress is uplifting. All this was initiated by one man, Mr. Ram Mohan, the Consular General of India in Gambia at the time. He saw the potential impact the product could have on many village folks in Africa. The journey of the solar light almost didn’t take off. Here’s more.

The Consular General’s to India Visit

Mr. Ram Mohan, consular general of India for Gambia visited India in 2008 for an Indo-African summit at NRDC, New Delhi. A technology and research oriented company Intelizon Energy was also a part of the summit. At the end of the day summit, NRDC presented a souvenir to Mr. Ram Mohan while he was leaving. The souvenir was a Zontorch, a product of Intelizon Energy private limited. This marked a starting point for Intelizon’s safari to Africa.

The Power Cut That Initiated the ‘Light Up a Village’ Initiative

For about six months, Mr. Ram Mohan didn’t think of using the gift that he got in India. A long power cut compelled him to switch on the Zontorch. Gasp! He was amazed to see the torch to get switched on and work decently even after months of non-utilization.

Then he thought why not light up the villages of Gambia with Zonbulb, in a place where people spend each day 25 cents for a candle. 25 cents amount to 7.5$ a month and about 90$ a year, which is much higher than a Zonbulb which is 75$ and lasts about 5 to 6 years or more. So, he started a noble mission called “Light Up a Village Initiative”. He gathered sponsors and set up a village lighting committee for each village. Under this initiative, 3500 dollars were collected for each village from sponsors and lights worth it were distributed in each village of about 70 to 80 houses. The village lighting committee collected 5 cents each day or 1.5$ each month, which is then used for the maintenance of the lights. The amount which was collected from the villagers was apparently far less than what they usually spent on candles per year.

“Look at the happy faces! It is a bliss to watch them celebrate,” said Mr. Ram Mohan when he shared the pictures of “Light Up a Village Initiative”. The villagers said only one thing “Zon Works”. In few months, Zonbulb traveled to countries all over Africa.

Lighting That Eradicates Darkness in More Ways Than One

The new Zonbulb that became an essential part of many homes in the villages started to play a much larger role than previously envisaged. The unwired solar lighting did more than just replaced candles. The families that used to previously live in flickering candle light at night, depended on daylight for income generation. With the Zonbulb in their homes, they increased their productivity and enhanced their incomes. The children in the family also benefited from the new light and could study longer during late evenings. Their education is the main driving force behind their development. They are now able to leverage their new lighting to study better and eradicate poverty from their villages. This way, the Zonbulb drives development and growth of village families out of poverty.

This inspiring story of the Zonbulb is a testament to the kind of impact that efficient solar lighting can have not just in Africa but also across the world.

Intelizon’s Solar Outdoor Lighting Solutions Installed at Hindustan Zinc Ltd.


Industries have been long known to cause environmental damage. The carbon footprint has only increased over the years due to the toxic smoke and fumes that are released into the atmosphere. Over the years, environmental pollution by industries and factories has led to a rise in respiratory-related diseases across the globe. In order to generate more electricity using coal, forests are mined and felled in the process. The destruction has been devastating to plant, animal and human life.

eco friendly solutions
Due to lobbying, renewable energy has never been given a fair chance. There were a number of speculations about how renewable energy is not an option that is completely viable. However, times are changing and we as a society are forced to take a positive step to build a cleaner and greener planet as the fate of our planet lies on the brink of extinction. Intelizon lighting solutions has shown the world that it is not only highly possible to run industries on renewable energy, but also that the positive effects are undeniable.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

One of the world’s leading producers of lead, zinc, cadmium and silver is a mining company called Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Their branch in Yashad Bhawan, Udaipur is leading the way to a safer and cleaner environment-friendly world. After a good deal of research, the organization has come to the conclusion that renewable energy solutions are the best way forward. Being a company that takes their business ethics seriously, Hindustan Zinc Ltd. wanted to enhance all their operations such as smelting and mining by utilizing sustainable technologies.

Hindustan Zinc Ltd. installed 60 Intelizon Zonstreet solar lights on its premises. The lights are not attached to any grid or power source. Due to this, there is absolutely no non-renewable energy usage or wastage. Furthermore, the lights have been proven to be very safe to use since there is no risk of getting electrocuted. The only power source for the lights are solar panels that are placed at appropriate angles to face the sun.

Why Zonstreet Lights?

Intelizon turned out to be the solar lighting company of Hindustan Zinc Ltd.’s choice due to their proven reliability and the use of high-end technology.

  • Instead of using the regular lead-acid batteries that do not last for a very long and consume an excessive amount of energy, Intelizon uses long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.
  • The batteries are in-built, which also makes them tamper and theft-proof.
  • Zonstreet lights use lenses and reflectors to increase the intensity of the lights though the wattage used is a lot lower than regular lights.
  • Intelizon uses LED lights instead of regular incandescent lights. Due to this, the lights use approximately 90% less energy, making them an energy-efficient option.
  • The lights are also a lot brighter than regular incandescent lights, which means that the same amount of electricity produces more intense light and lasts a lot longer.
  • The lights are wireless so one does not necessarily have to manually turn them ON or OFF. This once again helps in the conservation of energy.
  • The solar lights and panels are of very high-quality, so the cost of maintaining them are practically nil.
  • LED lights fitted on Zonstreet lights last for an average of 5 years, making them the perfect lighting solution.
  • Zonstreet lights have motion-sensors due to which they switch on every time a person walks past. This helps in the conservation of energy.
  • Solar energy uses direct current instead of alternating current. The lack of power grids improves the amount of energy stored and further reduces the amount of energy wasted due to electricity conversion.
  • The brightness of Intelizon Zonstreet lights auto-adjust to the intensity of ambient light, saving even more energy.
  • Zonstreet GSM lights can be controlled with an IOS or an Android mobile phone.
  • The lights are also aesthetically appealing.

Feedback on Intelizon’s Solar Zonstreet Lights

They say that actions speak louder than words and Intelizon has reasons to celebrate. After the installation of Intelizon Zonstreet lights at Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Yashad Bhawan, has been awarded the highly-prestigious CII-IGBC Platinum Green building award. This has been a positive step in the recognition of the role played by Intelizon to prove that renewable energy is a viable solution for a greener and sustainable planet.

Contact: 040–65894659/040-65144382

Our wireless solar street lights beautify Villas in Bangalore


The beauty of a villa is well enhanced by the interior and exterior lighting it is crowned with. A bunch of villas on Vakil garden Kanakapura road in Bengaluru stood in the darkness of waning and waxing moonlight. The darkness undermined the beauty of these villas and the paths merely visible to be walkable. The conventional lights had no aesthetic appeal, carried heavy lead acid batteries and lengthy cabling.

That is when the members of the community contacted a local lights dealer to light up their layout. The local dealer contacted Intelizon’s OEM channel partner at Bengaluru. The channel partner took up the task of installing the wireless solar street lights all around the villas. Around ten lights were installed in the vakil garden villa area.


The lithium ion battery powered solar street stands with no requirement of grid power, thus requires low cabling and unlike conventional street light eliminates the need of huge underground or overhead cabling. Hence it is a wireless solar street light solution. The reflectors and lens deployed in the lights produce higher light intensity at a comparatively low wattage and increase the aesthetic appeal of the lights. They do not require much attention and manual effort to be switched on and off. They get switched on when they detect fading light and switched off when the dawn sets in each morning. They illuminate the perimeter of villas making it convenient for the residents over there to commute and live safely.

It’s been two years since the installment of various models of wireless solar street lights in this area. There is not a single complaint from the community people since. Instead, they are thankful for the hassle free, maintenance free solution providing safety and security to the community.

Try our Zonstreet solution and experience the difference!

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Lithium Ion Based Solar Lighting Outperforms Traditional Grid Based Lighting by a Mile


Even though traditional lighting may have similar or lower costing, the lithium ion based solar lighting has far more advantages in many ways. It is really no more a matter of debate and what is left to know is how much more advantageous it is than its counterpart. Let’s compare and examine the contrasts to understand the magnitude of advantages of the self- autonomous lithium ion based solar lighting solutions.

Traditional Community Lighting

The traditional grid based light is generally a 35/40 W CFL/tube light IP54 fixture which is mounted on a 4 to 6 metre pole with power consumption of up to 48W. It needs extensive underground cabling from the mains to the light pole with the inevitable grounding. The cost of this underground cabling amounts to about Rs. 8 lakhs and the cost of the pole and its fittings comes up to Rs. 3 lakhs. The luminaire comes at an average cost of about Rs 2 lakhs and lasts for about 4000 to 5000 hours which is a little over 6 months. The luminaire being replaced twice a year is also a huge cost.

Furthermore, the entire unit even after installation poses many drawbacks to the community. Power cuts render the lighting units useless and pose a security threat. To continue using the lighting solution during a grid failure or any issues as such, it would have to be connected to a generator which increases the costs significantly even if it’s temporary. It shuts off at low voltages of 150 V and endures damage at high voltages of around 300 V.

Inbuilt Lithium Ion Based Solar Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of the lithium ion based lighting is that it is self sufficient and money invested in a single unit can be considered as a one time investment with minimal maintenance in the future. The L1 and L2 community lighting solutions are the flagship products by Intelizon and they have similar luminosity to traditional lighting. Their purchase costs are Rs. 13 lakhs and Rs. 16 lakhs respectively. Their lux stands at 12 and 21 units for 6 metres. Their durability is high and have been proven to last for over 5 years with minimum issues in the unit or in terms of maintenance.

While the traditional lights may have operating/maintenance costs at Rs. 16 lakhs, the Intelizon solar lighting solutions cost merely Rs. 10 to 12 lakhs. There is a significant amount of money saved due to the battery of the luminaire deriving its power from the solar panel attached to the pole. Over the years, this cost amounts to a large sum. The solar panels are LM certified high quality units that can last for over 25 years with about 30% degradation in the first 10 to 15 years. They stay off grid and avoid massive maintenance costs too. Even on cloudy days the intelligent technology in the luminaire is able to conserve energy and sustain itself over a longer period of time until more sunlight can be available. The inbuilt sensor is also programmed to increase brightness when approached by someone. This is crucial in remote areas like villages and wildlife resorts which have huge security risks like snakes.

A Clear Winner

Without a doubt, Intelizon’s lithium ion based solar lighting solutions outperform the traditional community lighting solutions by a big margin. The Return on Investment (ROI) is immediate if you factor in cabling costs of the traditional lights. And it may go up due to the savings on grid and cable maintenance, renewable power source optimised lighting during cloudy days and high quality lighting with the lowest cost of ownership.

In short, the lithium ion based solar lighting by Intelizon is the future and it is considerably more economical to acquire than traditional community lighting with all its drawbacks.

Why Solar and LED Lights make the Perfect Combination


The search for clean and renewable energy has taken a while, but we are now quickly transforming the world for the better. Solar energy is one of the best solutions to power our planet while minimizing the damage we cause to the environment. Futuristic solar technology should be combined with equally good lights. Leading researchers in the field of solar lighting found that LED lights are highly efficient, utilize less energy and are a lot brighter than conventional lights. The combination of LED lights and solar energy go together as well as the classic cookies and cream duet. The other reasons why they are the perfect combination are:

solar street light

Longer Life Span

Good solar panels last for at least 25 years, making them the most durable lighting solution at the moment.

LED lights are made very differently from regular incandescent lights and bulbs. They also happen to utilize less energy and have a life span that extends way beyond those of incandescent lights.

Highly Efficient

Solar panels are highly efficient since they absorb the energy from the sun’s rays during the day and store them. The energy gathered from the sun during the day, is good enough last the entire night.

LED lights being one of the most efficient lighting solutions around today, utilize very less energy while producing a much brighter light. LEDs utilize around 90% less energy than regular incandescent lights.

Low Maintenance

Initially the installation of solar lights leans towards the expensive side. However, once the lights are installed, you can bid adieu to electricity bills. There is usually nothing that really goes wrong with the light because of the kind of material used. This means that the amount spent on maintenance is almost negligible.

LED lights are more costly than incandescent not need to replace them quickly. LEDs last for an average of 7 years when used continuously. This bulbs and tubes. However, since they utilize less power and last for a much longer period of time, one does means that in the long run, LED lights work out to a lot cheaper than traditional lighting. It also means that LEDs are a much better solution.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

Solar lighting is eco-friendly. Regular energy is derived from mining forests and burning non-renewable fossil fuels, which cause drastic environmental damage and climatic change. Solar energy on the other hand is clean and does not cause any harm to our planet, making it the perfect energy solution for today and the future.

While incandescent lights and bulbs burn a lot more electricity and use toxic substances such as mercury during their manufacturing process, LED lights do not. LEDs are also recyclable unlike regular lights.


While regular energy generation and lighting solutions can be dangerous due to the passage of electricity through wires and transformers before reaching you. A break or tear in the wire, contact with water and so on could give a person a shock. With solar lights the chances of getting a shock are negligible.

Incandescent lights and bulbs heat up to very high temperatures and there is always a risk of getting burned or causing a fire. LED lights do not produce heat no matter how long they’re left on for. If a person happens to touch an LED light, there is absolutely no chance of getting burned.

Utilizes Direct Current Instead of Alternating Current

Traditional street lights use Alternating Current (AC), which means that it requires a converter to power the light. Due to this, energy is lost during the process of conversion. Solar lights are a lot more efficient because they directly use the sun’s energy. This is the reason why solar lights utilize less wattage while being able to provide much better and brighter light.

LEDs work on direct current and do not require a converter. This means that the final output is extremely efficient. In fact, LEDs provide the best lumen per watt ratio, making them the new and preferred lighting solution for the world.

There have been many advancements in the field of solar energy such as wireless outdoor lighting. To know more about the latest developments in the world of solar lighting check out Intelizon.

How to Protect your LED Solar Lights from Theft


The acceptance and use of solar lighting has been steadily on the rise due to their list of benefits. Solar lighting is environmentally friendly, highly efficient and is a one-time investment after which the power generated is absolutely free. They’re perfect for outdoor lighting and some of them have a range of features.

However, the advantages of these lights make them prone to theft. LED lights are expensive, and are of higher value. To add to this, solar lights come in different sizes and are generally much lighter than traditional street lighting. Solar lights are installed out in the open and many of them are setup in remote regions, making them vulnerable of being stolen.

In order to protect it from theft, one primarily has 2 options. Install anti-theft solar street led lights with in-built batteries that are of no use once detached from the installation. 2nd option is to protect and guard it from intruders.

Tips to keep your LED solar lights safe

Install Lights at a Height

If you are installing medium to large size outdoor street lights, install them really high off the ground. This would make it tougher for people to steal the solar lights with the help of stools or ladders. It would also require a good deal of effort to bring in equipment that would allow people to climb, making the lights a lot harder to steal. The longer time a person takes to steal a light, the chances of getting caught are heightened.

Install Lights in Concrete

It is not always possible to install lights at a height especially if the LED solar lights are small and meant to light up the garden or a footpath. To make your lights theft-proof, dig a hole in the ground, add a mix of wet concrete in it, insert the lights and allow them to harden. The concrete would hold the lights in place. To hide the fact that you have used concrete at the base, you can cover the concrete and the base of the light with sand. The disadvantage of doing this is that your lights would be extremely hard for you to move to an alternate location.

Install Lights with Motion Detectors

Installing lights with motion detectors could act as a deterrent for thieves. Whenever there is movement close by, the lights turn on or brighten up. If an unsuspecting thief does the same, it would seem like somebody is around and switched on the light because they saw the thief. Motion detectors are perfect because they have the ability to surprise people. For weary thieves, lights turning on could mean that there is someone at home. Motion detectors could act as a huge deterrent huge.

Install Security Cameras and Alarms

The installation of security cameras is not too expensive. By installing them, you get to know who has come over without the need to open the door. You get to watch the live footage on your security screen. Security cameras also have a recording feature. Even if you are not at home or are asleep, you can replay the footage later and find out whether you had any intruders. Security alarms are another great installation. They set off a warning alarm if someone tries to trespass.

Keep a Dog

Having a dog as a pet can deter most thieves. Even if the dog does not bite, the animal almost always barks when an unknown person enters the property.

Setup a Fence or Wall

Fencing off your property is a good way of keeping people out. Many thieves would not bother climbing a sturdy wall or tall fence to rob a solar light especially when there is more risk involved.

Hire a Security Guard

You may want to protect the lights by hiring a security guard if you are staying in a gated community. This is one of the safest bets since security guards are trained to protect people and property. However, hiring a security guard for your independent home may be too expensive.

Install Anti-Theft Intelizon Solar Street Led Lights

Intelizon is a revolutionary solar lighting company that fits an anti-theft system with in-built batteries that cannot be stolen. A thief would have to carry the entire lighting pole in order to rob them. Their lights are also connected to a GSM SIM card that is compatible with Android and IOS mobile phones. This technology allows you to shut off the light remotely and find the location of your light. If you have not yet switched to using solar lights but are planning on doing so, installing Intelizon lights could be your best bet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy


Solar Energy has increasingly been gaining popularity and support from people and governments from all over the world during the past couple of decades. It is said to be the best way forward due to many reasons.

Top Advantages of Solar Energy

Advantages Disadvantages Solar Energy

Clean Energy

Fossil fuels, which are at the moment the main source of the world’s energy, release toxic chemical compounds such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is one of the main causes of climate change. Mining for fossil fuels cause the destruction of forests and the pollution of our environment. Additionally, there have been numerous cases of oil pipelines leaking into streams, rivers, seas, and soil over the years. These pipeline leakages have corroded our soil and led to the poisoning of ground water affecting the planet’s flora, fauna, marine life, and humans on a large scale.

However, solar power is an alternate source of clean and renewable energy. It neither pollutes the environment nor destroys forest cover.


Solar energy which converts the sun’s light and heat into electricity, is renewable and inexhaustible until the death of our sun, which would take around 5 billion years. Solar panels are fitted with photo voltaic cells that convert the ever abundant sun’s rays into electrons, and turn it into electricity.

It’s Free

Since the sun does not belong to any government, corporation or person, it has not yet been taxed. This means that once solar panels are fitted, the energy harnessed is absolutely free.

Low Maintenance

Once solar lights are installed, it does not cost much to maintain them. Good quality solar lights last for decades without the need to service or maintain them.

Multiple Uses

Solar Energy is generally associated with lighting up houses, streets, communities, villages, towns and so on. However, solar energy is not restricted to this. There are multiple other uses such as heating water at home, keeping houses warm, powering vehicles, powering airplanes, cooking, powering calculators, watches, clocks and many more.

Conserves Wildlife

Fossil fuels destroy our planet’s eco system and forests, leaving tens of thousands of species of birds, animals and insects homeless. Due to this many of our planet’s species face mass extinction. There are so many species that have been eradicated from the face of the Earth while thousands of others are on the verge of extinction. We can take solace in the fact that this form of renewable energy does not cause any damage to our planet, thus allowing the world’s ecosystems to thrive.

Saves Water

Water is an ingredient that is used to generate electricity. There is however, a shortage of fresh water throughout the world. The use of solar energy does not require the use of water. Since the energy from the sun is plentiful, solar energy indirectly helps in the conservation of water.

Though there are seemingly loads of advantages when it comes to generating electricity through solar energy, there are a few disadvantages as well.

Top Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar Energy is Initially Expensive

The cost of setting up a solar power plant is high. This is due to the demand and supply curve. As the demand for solar energy increases, the cost would also decrease in time. However, since the energy generated after installation is absolutely free, in the long run, it works out to be the most inexpensive option for power generation.

Sunlight Availability

Though there is no shortage of sunlight on our planet, there are places in where the sun’s rays barely reach the surface. It is also possible that more than one solar panel may be required to light up a house depending on the amount of sunlight available. Some parts of the world are too cloudy, shady or windy to effectively generate solar energy and light, which reduces the effectiveness of solar energy.

Solar Energy is not always Reliable

Solar energy is very dependable. However, not all solar panels work at night. If the solar panels are not charged enough during the day, the efficiency is reduced. It would then not be reliable enough to provide a good amount of power to sustain an entire household or village.

Installation Requires Space

Installing solar panels at home or in corporate and IT parks requires a good deal of empty land that is exposed to the sun. Due to this factor, not too many companies or houses have installed solar panels.


Most solar panels are not 100% efficient. This means that even though a good amount of electricity is generated using solar energy, about 60% of energy ends up being wasted, while only 40% is actually utilized. To counter this, one has to conduct proper research and make sure that the solar panel being used is set up right and manages to harness most of the sun’s rays in order to produce a good amount of electricity and increase its efficiency.

Though solar energy has its disadvantages, it is negligible when compared to energy produced due to fossil fuels.

How Using Solar Energy Means Conserving Water


Water is a precious resource without which life on this planet would cease to exist. 71% of the Earth’s surface consists of water and our bodies comprise of 60%. In addition, water is found in the air, in soil and in every living creature. Yet we face severe scarcity of clean drinking water in many regions of the world.

water conservation solar energy
Fresh water is a precious resource that is used for absolutely everything. From human and animal consumption, to irrigation and agriculture, to the generation of electricity from fossil fuels, we are utilizing clean water at breakneck speed. Humans use 40% of fresh water for our daily activities.

Energy generated using fossil fuels requires the utilization of anywhere between 94 to 227 liters of fresh water to produce just one single kWh of electricity. Massive quantities of water are also required for the extraction of fossil fuels. The water that is returned to nature is not only undrinkable but is also toxic for the soil, plants, animals, human beings and for our planet as a whole. The excessive utilization of water has caused plenty of droughts throughout the world, including in countries such as India and the USA. This failed system has been taking a toll on human beings and other life forms. The best solution for this is the generation and utilization of Solar Energy.

The Problem

Statistics point out that 70% of India’s electricity is generated through fossil fuels. It is a fact that with the growing demands for energy and electricity throughout the country, it is not possible to curb the usage of electricity. India also happens to face severe water shortage in many of its regions. By switching to solar energy based electricity generation, we would be able to save a lot of water. There are plenty of rural villages in India that face power shortages. In fact, there are many villages that do not have any electricity at all. Installing power grids and transformers to lay out connections is not just a tough task in some parts of the country, but is virtually impossible.

Huge amounts of electricity is wasted due to conversion and transportation of electricity at every step of the way. This means that more water is being wasted for nothing.

The Solar Solution

With the advancement of solar technology, the need to rely on fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, diesel, kerosene and so on is no longer a necessity. When burned, fossil fuels release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide, among others into the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels causes problems for the entire world such as, wide-spread pollution, respiratory diseases and global warming. Utilization of solar energy can drastically reduce our carbon footprint and help in the conservation of water.

Solar energy generation is practically pollution-free. In addition, the energy generated by the sun can be converted into electricity without the need to utilize or waste any water. The only time that water would be required is once every few months when the solar panels need to be cleaned. However, the amount of water used to clean solar panels is negligible when compared to the amount of water used to extract, produce and transport fossil fuels. To add to this, one does not need to wash solar panels during rains since nature would do it for you instead.

The Intelizon Advantage

Intelizon, a pioneering solar energy company in India has been creating waves around the globe. With the use of advanced technology, the company has proven that it is entirely possible to generate clean electricity without the usage of water. Apart from saving water and energy, the company utilizes LED Lights that consume less energy and produce brighter output while being eco-friendly. The lithium ion batteries attached to the lights are way more efficient than regular lead batteries.

India now has the opportunity to lead from the front and show the world that it is possible to generate solar energy absolutely anywhere. If India, a country with diverse climatic conditions and terrains, can produce free solar electricity, the rest of the world can do so too. The amount of water saved can be used for much better purposes including human consumption, agriculture and cattle feed. The more water we save and the more we can afford to give back, the more self-sufficient we as a planet would become.

For more information on Intelizon Solar Lighting

Solar Energy to Power World of the Future


Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was clear that fossil fuels are not viable to be used as a long term option. We have limited non-renewable resources that have not just polluted our planet, but have created a massive hole in the Ozone layer and catalyzed the warming of our planet due to emissions. However, fossil fuels seemed like a great idea for the economy. We are now on the verge of complete destruction and the future looks grim but renewable energy such as solar could just save our planet if we act quickly. This is what has been making the government rethink renewable energy. Countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand and more have switched to solar and other renewable energy, while many other countries are not far behind.

Reasons why Solar Energy is the future

solar energy future

1. Safe and Clean Source of Energy

Solar energy is renewable, clean, and safe. By converting the sun’s energy into electrical energy, solar energy can power cities, vehicles, houses, factories, communities, villages and so much more. In addition, solar energy is abundant and is absolutely free. The best part is that it does not cause any harm to the environment or people. Our planet cannot afford be abused by humans anymore and it cannot afford to take in any more pollution and destruction than it already has. Solar energy has the power to save whatever is left of our fragile planet for future generations.

2. Cost Effective than Fossil Fuels

The cost of setting up solar lights is not much in comparison to grid based energy. The cost of setting up power grids, transformers, wires, and related equipment is a lot when compared to solar. While there is a lot of energy wastage at every level when it comes to non-renewable energy, solar is a lot more efficient. Setting up solar energy requires a lot less labor in comparison. This reduces the cost by a huge margin.

3. More Jobs

As the demand for solar energy increases, so does the industry and its demand to produce more energy and grow. The booming industry would require workers and material, thus providing jobs to a whole lot of people. This makes solar energy great for the economy. In fact, statistics show that the demand for solar energy has grown tremendously in the past few years and so has the number of job opportunities in solar.

4. Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The more independent we become as a society, the more money we save. By reducing dependence on fossil fuels for energy, the economy would thrive. The sun cannot be taxed because it does not belong to anyone. Its light and energy is for all living creatures. Reducing dependence on the government and corporations for energy will help each and every one of us slowly gain financial freedom. Free energy is all around, we just need to utilize it well.

5. Saves Money and Environment

Solar energy would help every person save money. By negating the need to pay for electricity and energy tax, we would not only have more money to save, but we can utilize the money in a much better way and make ends meet a lot easier. Instead of paying money to petroleum, oil and gas companies, we could use the money for better education, healthcare and other amenities that really matter. Since electricity bills have been constantly on the rise, solar energy has the potential to put an end to that once and for all. The initial setup of the solar panels, battery, and lighting would cost you a bit, but in the long run you and the community would save a lot more than what was spent.

6. Options to Choose from Variety of Lighting

Solar lights are of various kinds, sizes, models, and capacities. The options you have are plenty and are dependent on the energy requirement you are looking for. There are solar lights that are perfect for everyone’s needs.

7. Easy Maintenance

There are no maintenance charges for solar lights. Good solar lights last for years and generally do not require any maintenance. This makes it pure value for your money.

8. Technology of the Future

Solar energy is pushing the boundaries of technology. LED lights that are brighter and cost effective when compared to conventional lights. Lithium Ion Batteries are now used by solar companies for greater capacity as compared to lead batteries, Motion Detectors for energy efficiency, Wireless street lights that save time, effort, labor, setup, and maintenance costs, and more. In fact there are solar lights that can be controlled by your mobile phone. As technology improves, so does efficiency and cost.

These are just few of the reasons why the government is switching to solar energy. The sooner we switch to renewable energy such as solar, the sooner can we be independent. Taking all the above factors into consideration, Solar Energy is great for the economy and is the future.

Renewable Energy and Wildlife Conservation


Renewable Energy and Wildli
The war for oil and the demand for energy solutions have impacted our planet on so many levels. From deforestation and mining for coal, to the polluting of our water supply due to leaks during transportation, to the combustion of massive quantities for fuel, we have not been evolving with nature. In fact, we have been doing everything in our power to destroy our own habitat and the habitat of innocent animals, birds, and plants. The astonishing fact is that about 90% of the Earth’s energy is obtained from non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels.

The use of fossil fuels have a large scale impact on the environment. There are species that are one the verge of extinction and species that have become extinct very recently. Global warming has caused sea levels to rise which has led to the submerging of islands around the globe. Oil leaks into the sea and earth have killed millions of fish and destroyed crops creating major ecological imbalances. Many Tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural calamities are caused because our planet is unable to cope with the damage.

The good news is that we have a solution in renewable energy, but it has to be implemented immediately!

Forests and Natural Habitats

Natural habitats of species have and continue to be destroyed due to fossil fuels. Forests provide rainfall, food, oxygen and is home to millions of species of animals and plants. The machinery used for extracting coal not just destroys trees but causes damages the soil and the land as well. Land can cave in at any time, leaving forests in a horrible condition. With renewable energy such as solar and wind turbines, we can leave the forests untouched and displacement of species from their natural habitat would slowly stop. With the destruction of forests out of the way, animals and plants can slowly start thriving once again.

Air Pollution-free

Unlike energy generated using fossil fuels that release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other intoxicants into the atmosphere, renewable energy is clean. Air pollution due to fossil fuels have caused harm to human beings and animals likewise. Every living creature requires air to survive. Air pollution causes respiratory diseases as well as diseases of the skin. Renewable energy will cut down on air pollution to a large extent.

Oil Wells in Oceans

Oil wells that are drilled into the ocean cause serious damage not only to marine life, but also to the core of the earth. There are also potential risks of oil leaks that can cause serious harm to the environment. In addition, there are chemicals in the soil which may be toxic and could be potentially dangerous to marine life. Renewable energy rules out all these polluting factors and provides energy without destruction of life and the ecosystem.


Transporting fossil fuels have been responsible for major environmental damages due to leakages, accidents and spillages, both on land and in the ocean. Smaller leakages and accidents cause environmental damage on a regular basis and this affects the environment and all its life forms. Renewable energy does not need to be transported by ship, pipes or vehicles. In fact transportation costs are reduced greatly. While the environment is not affected in any way with the use of renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, and wind. This not only brings down the impact on the environment and all its life forms, but it also reduces costs to a large extent.

Climate Change

Fossil fuels have catalyzed climate change, which has led to the rise in sea levels due to the melting of ice caps. Due to this, islands in the Pacific Ocean have submerged and the animals and birds in the Arctic are finding it harder to survive. Species are dying in huge numbers even though it is no fault of theirs. If renewable energy becomes the main source of energy around the world, it will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This would directly have a positive impact on our planet and the conservation of all its species.

These are tough times for animals, birds, plants, and humans who are struggling for survival. With the aid of clean and green technology of the future, we may be able to control the damage. It is important that we switch to renewable energy as soon as possible for the betterment of our planet, our lives and the lives of our future generation, if we manage to survive until then.