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Solar Street Light Innovation and Future Scope

Zon Solar Street Light

One of the most important gifts that science has given mankind is the birth of electricity. It has become one of the most essential means of the modern world. Life is just unimaginable without electric energy. Electricity plays such an important role in our lives. It becomes even more important to find different ways in which we can protect and prevent power from getting exhausted.

Zon Solar Street Light

Innovation and Future Scope of Solar Street Lights

Good Future Prospective

Thanks to the advancement in the field of technology that has introduced to us solar street lights which is an amazing alternative to conventional street lights as it is a great way to save power and reduce wastage. The future scope of it is tremendous as there are so many wonderful features added in these street lights that will keep one’s jaws dropped. Let us now discuss some of those incredible features-

Cost Effective

There is no additional electricity cost because the panels in a solar street light convert the solar power into electricity. It is also quick and easy to charge the batteries and they last for almost 5 years. And since the poles are wireless it is simple to install and there is no additional cost of hiring too many workers.

Clear Light

The LED’s used in these lights provide clear visibility at night. They are colored to match up with the desired color rendering index to resemble the sunlight during the daytime. This clear light also helps the pedestrians and the vehicles to avoid accidents.


They are designed in a way that as soon as it detects that the ambient light is not enough. In the case of low lights, the LED’s are automatically switched on. So sensing the outdoor light the solar lights automatically switch either on or off. This feature is really marvelous because it uses a special lens which helps to adjust the brightness level based on the battery voltage and running time. This helps to increase the backup time of the light.

Eco Friendly

It is the responsibility of each and every individual to take care of the environment. The invention of these lights exactly helps in minimizing the amount of waste and reduces carbon footprints. The LED’s used in these lights contains no toxic elements and so it helps to protect the environment from any toxic waste.

Motion Sensor

In areas where there is no traffic in the night, it is not necessary to have the street lights switched on the whole night. Motion sensor helps in saving energy as it detects any motion either of a pedestrian or of a vehicle and switches all the LED’s on. Also, another smart feature that this motion sensor has is that if it detects that there is no motion for more than 16 seconds, then all the LED’s will automatically reduce brightness. Some of the solar street lights are also powered by footsteps which mean that the batteries get charged from the kinetic energy powered by the pedestrians’ footsteps. Our product, Zonstreet Plus, comes with inbuilt Lithium-ion battery and motion sensors.

Smart technology

Solar street lights can be operated and controlled either by a mobile phone or a computer from any location. This feature helps in adjusting settings of the light either to dim the light or to increase the brightness from a remote place without physically being present at the location. It also provides information in real time and helps to determine if there are any problems or if the light is out of order even before a complaint is received from the public. This system makes it easy to check on the status of the solar voltage, the battery voltage also provides data for the previous day usage of the voltage. This saves a lot of energy and does not require any worker to manually check on it. Zonstreet GSM, one of our innovative products comes with inbuilt GSM card. It can be remotely monitored and controlled using the smartphone.

Value Added Services

The future of any city depends entirely on the value-added services, and the technology has opened up lots of opportunities to do this. The solar street lights have some amazing features like –

  • Inbuilt pollution monitors
  • Mobile device charging points
  • Button for emergency services
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Digital information display for traffic congestion
  • Information on nearby parking spaces
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles

So, it can work as a major hub for information.

These are some features of solar street lights which make it a better option over a traditional street light. We can confidently say that solar-powered lights will inevitably be the street lights of the future. And investing and installing in these will play a major part in a clean, green environment. This will also contribute to a brighter future for the coming generations.

Top 5 Solar Street Light Applications

Solar Street Light Applications

There is increasing demand for Solar Street light these days and for obvious reasons. One important reason is overall cost savings in the long run, and the other is efficient lighting. The solar LED light system as the name suggests converts energy from the sun into electricity and is easy to install and gives high intensity LED output. It is not necessary to switch on or switch off the solar LED’s light manually. These lights automatically operate from night until morning. In this article, we would discuss some of the top solar energy uses, applications and examples.

Solar Street Light Applications

The Solar Street light consists of the following

  • Solar Panels: Solar panel is known as Photovoltaic cell which uses light energy from the Sun to convert solar energy into electricity. This electricity can be used to run many applications.
  • LED light: LED light which is used in solar street lights, emits brighter light with low energy consumption. A single LED will emit less light than compact fluorescent or incandescent. But a set of LEDs give brighter light than other lamps.
  • Rechargeable battery: These batteries are used for storing electricity received by the solar panel during daytime, and it provides electricity at night.
  • Controller: Controller is used to control when to switch on and switch off the street lights. It also controls battery from undercharging and overcharging. It consists of MCU, secondary power supply and battery charger, etc.
  • Pole: For every street light, 12 Feet pole is required so that some components like batteries, fixtures, and panels can be mounted.
  • Interconnecting cables: Battery box, LED light, and the solar panel are mounted on the top of pole and they are connected through interconnected cables. A PV module is connected with a controller and it is connected with battery and LED lamps. Size of the cable depends on current, how much it is used and the pole size.

Top 5 Applications of Street Lights and its Uses

1. Airport Lighting

Many Airports are equipped with solar lights because they are easy to install with no conventional electricity cost. These LED lights are installed at the runway and are portable. On the other hand, the maintenance is needed only once in 7 years. These lights are used for safe Aircraft operations at night time.

2. Highway and roadway lighting

The Solar LED street lights are also very easy to install. By the help of these lights, risk of accidents is minimized as there are no external wires needed for electric connections. These lights can be installed easily in the remote roadway or highway where there is no electricity. The LED Streetlight provides clear visibility for the pedestrian and drivers. High-quality illumination LED light system beautifies urban area at night without polluting the environment.

3. Park and Playground lighting

Solar lighting systems are beneficial for park and playground lighting needs as it helps to light signs, trails, pavilions and parking lot. They are independent of the grid, so they can be installed anywhere in the park where there is a need for proper lighting. These lights provide safety for children who play after dark and also to the officials in order to secure the area during the night. These days, most of the cricket or football matches are held at night time due to several reasons. So Solar LED lights are installed in the stadium or playgrounds that can provide high power lighting inside the field. For any sport, Playground needs high power lighting, called floodlight which can be achieved by the solar panel at low cost and minimal maintenance.

4. Industrial lighting and commercial lighting

The Solar LED lighting system has exceptional storage system which allows 3 days continuous illumination without any recharge. Industrial areas are bigger in size; therefore, they take a large amount of electricity for outdoor lighting. While installing these solar lights, the cost for electric wires will reduce and maintenance cost will lower. Have a look at some of the Commercial Solar Lighting Services we offer.

5. Outdoor security lighting

Solar powered security lights are illuminated by solar energy which is converted into electric energy. As a result, these are a practical choice for security purpose, as without electricity they can operate at night because the sun provides needed energy during the day. These lights automatically turn on when it senses any motion. They also operate during the cloudy weather conditions and provide reliable lighting anytime. Outdoor lights are very successful in rural areas and Intelizon’s Zonstreet has been satisfyingly deployed it at Rural Maharashtra.

There are many areas such as parking lot, Hospital parking, and residential lighting where these solar-powered street lights are used. These Solar LED street lights require less system for installation and also provide high power lighting when compared to conventional lighting. It also offers shelf-life and minimal maintenance. It provides portability facility and comes with 2 years of warranty. These Solar Street lights are Pollution free lights. Only the cost of initial investment is high when compared to the conventional lights. And only dust, snow, and moisture can hinder the energy production. These lights are not a practical option for every application because the cost is on a higher side.

Do get in touch with us to discuss more about your requirements here.

Comparison Between Solar Street Light and Normal Street Light

Solar Street light vs Normal Street light

For years we have used the conventional street lights in urban and in rural areas, however, with the innovation in technology and the awareness of climatic changes has helped in the advancement of solar lights. This article will compare solar led light with the normal street light and will help one to see as to why it is important to upgrade to using solar.

Solar Street light vs Normal Street light

Solar Street light vs Conventional or Normal Street light

1. Installation

Solar street lights – It is quick, easy and also cheap to install. The pole is powered with PV panels, led lamp, controller and inbuilt battery which makes it easy to install.

Conventional Street lights – The installation process is a little complicated as there is a tremendous amount of trenching and cable required to connect to grid lines. A large number of workers are hired which adds to the enormous cost and is also very time-consuming. Also, need a battery box to store heavy batteries.

2. Maintenance

Solar street lights – The panels convert solar power into electricity due to which there is no additional electricity cost. It is also quick and easy to charge the batteries. For example, a battery can get fully charged within 5 hours and then can run for the next 12 hours. Extreme weather conditions even during cloudy days do not affect the functioning of the lights. They are designed as dust and water proof. Once they are installed, they are good for the next 5 years.

Normal Street lights – The batteries used in these street lights need a lot of maintenance. From time to time, the batteries need frequent water topping which adds to the labor cost. And since the poles are connected with electricity it becomes very expensive to maintain a street light with high electricity cost.

3. Safety

Solar street lights – Since the poles are wireless and are not connected to electricity cables, it is very safe as there are no external wires protruding and there is no threat of an accident.

Conventional Street lights – Safety is very low. Since there are a lot of wires involved and they are connected directly with electricity it becomes very unsafe as one can get electrocuted and there are high chances of a short circuit. Workers also face a threat of strangulation during the installation process.

4. Environment

Solar street lights – Another great feature of the solar light is that there is a special kind of lens used to maximize light which helps in automatically adjusting the brightness level based on the battery voltage and the running time. In turn, this increases the battery backup time. This special feature enables it to be environment-friendly as it helps in eliminating carbon footprints and gives out clean energy from the sun. Hence, there is no energy cost and no light pollution.

Normal Street lights – It uses grid power which is nonrenewable energy and cannot be replenished. There is a lot of carbon dioxide produced which is harmful to the environment. High sodium lamps or metal halide lamps are used for light which contains mercury and is toxic to the environment. And since the light from these traditional street lights is exposed sideways into the atmosphere, there is a high threat of light pollution.

5. Visibility

Solar street lights – The LED’s in the poles are colored to reach the desired CRI (color rendering index) to resemble sunlight. And so the LED fixtures used in the solar lights provide better visibility at night almost like the visibility provided by the sun during the daytime.

Conventional Street lights – The light from the high-pressure sodium lamps and the metal halide lamps are yellow and makes it very difficult for one to see. These lights are very low in CRI and also cannot provide the type of lighting that is required for a normal human eye to distinguish colors. The glare from these lights also becomes a cause for poor visibility and can end up in accidents for both the drivers and the pedestrians during the night.

With nightlife being very popular, be it for entertainment or for the job, it becomes even more important for the streets to be well lit during the nights as it contributes to the safety of young people and women. And in this article, we have considered the various benefits of using a solar light over the conventional street light. The above-mentioned facts help to understand an important reason as to why in many countries people are switching to solar and are making their city look even more beautiful at night. So you need to compare the options that are available out there and according to your specific circumstances choose the one that fits the bill.

How Solar Led Street Light Works

Making of Solar LED Street Lights

There is a whole new range of solar LED Street lighting making their presence felt all around the world. Alongside being environmentally friendly, these lights give high-intensity LED output and are quite easy to install. Solar LED street lights effectively convert sun energy into electricity and the system is automatically prompted to turn on the lights as darkness approaches following sunset. Subsequently, these lights are also tuned to switch off after sunrise.

How Solar Led Street Light Works

How Solar Led Street Light Works? – Components of a Solar Street Light

If you were looking to install a solar street light, you would be wondering what all comes with the system. There are many components which make up a solar street light. Take a look at the components which typically make up for a solar street light system. However, components in the solar street lighting system may differ from one manufacturer to the other.

Solar Panel Assembling Process

This is made up of three main parts. The hardware, the mounting bracket, and the solar panel assembly. There is a procedure to be followed and you just cannot simply stick a solar panel on the pole. You will require brackets and mounting apparatus to make this possible. The basic solar panel comprises a framework, glass, and solar cells. Apart from this, the mounting solar bracket assembly is required to be installed on the solar panel to attach to a pole. An aluminum bracket with stainless steel hardware can ensure that the assembly will stand the test of time. Harsh environments can be prone to degradation and rust.

Solar Battery Assembly

This includes the battery along with the wiring that is needed to hook to the light fixture and the solar panel assembly. Lithium-ion batteries are the best for solar street lights that we can get today. Typically, the solar battery needs to be sized for five days autonomy at least in order to provide a longer lifespan. Solar battery assemblies are usually housed within a vented aluminum box so as to provide heat ventilation. This assembly is preferably located under the solar panel so that they do not get overheated. When the solar battery assembly is correctly sized, it would only require maintenance every five years or more.

Solar Light Controller

Controls of the solar streetlight are typically located inside the battery box. These provide the automatic on and off functionality of the solar street light system. For customization of runtimes, these controls also operate the correct profile of the system. These controls also provide a Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) for times when the battery gets drained to a critical point. This is to ensure that the battery never ever goes down to zero. This functionality will also increase the life of the battery system. There are many project-specific light control options. Choose the one according to your requirements.

Outdoor Solar Light Fixture

LED fixtures nowadays are the most popular pairings to go with the solar street light assembly. However, this should provide the required light levels on the ground underneath for proper visibility and efficient lighting. Picking on the right type of fixture and distribution pattern that will be able to give the right level of light will ensure and fulfill your requirement. LEDs generally broaden the range of style of fixtures available for solar street light. It also provides better lighting at a lower wattage.

Fixture Mounting Bracket

This bracket is required for mounting the fixture onto a pole for a set strength. The size of the normal pole bracket ranges from 5 to 24 inches. The side of pole bracket usually is 4 to 8 feet, but in some instances goes up to 12 to 15 feet if needed. The fixture mounting bracket will be helpful in setting the fixture out away from the pole. This provides light where it is needed on the ground. At the same time, it provides the setback of pole off the roadway where it can stand. Fixture mounting bracket can be straight, upsweep or be decorative depending upon specific requirements.

Solar Street Light Pole

This is the last component of the solar street light system. It needs to be strong enough to support the solar street light assembly and tall enough to mount it. The solar street light pole should ensure that it is mounted at the correct height for an optimum light spread on the ground. In certain regions, the pole may also have to meet wind load requirements along with the solar. Solar street light poles are available in concrete, fiberglass composite, steel, and aluminum. It can either be directly buried or could be anchor based.

Understanding what it takes to produce a solar street lighting system will enable you to choose exactly what you want. Latest models of solar street lights have provision for remote monitoring. Other versions which also allow for surveillance have a camera fit into the system. Nevertheless, the basic purpose of a solar street light is to provide lighting after dark. However, for any type of good solar street lights, all components should seamlessly fit together and work efficiently for years.

Bright Future of Solar Power in India 2018

Bright Future of Solar Power in India

Despite initial challenges, solar power in India now is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for both, market participants and investors in 2018. Take into account the rising prices of energy in India alongside supply which is unable to keep pace with demand. With more focus than ever on sustainability, stakeholders are losing their trust in conventional energy sources to fulfill expectations. A renewed focus on solar power is presently steered by Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). Solar power in time will become a crucial component of the energy portfolio in the country over the next 10 years.

Solar Power in India

Growing in Leaps and Bounds

Going from nothing to several billion dollar businesses, solar market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Giving in to uncertainties in the sector most have yet to bet on solar but some players have already started preparing. To be successful in the solar power sector one needs to have a long-term commitment. This could only come with a sound understanding of local dynamics.

  • Solar energy potential in India is real and the supportive environment is improving fast.
  • Successful Indian solar ventures will depend upon a frugal cost base. Long-term value can be generated from low cost, efficiently executed projects, financing and localization.
  • Local players will play a key role in the solar industry since they will dominate the downstream side in the initial years. Global players may also be able to prosper. The should be given sufficient time to fine tune their business models.

Important data for solar power scenario in India

The total solar power generated by different countries are as follows –

Country Capacity Increase
China 130.65 52
Japan 48.6 4
United States 42.89 2.5
Germany 42.4 1.2
Italy 19.69 0.4
India 19.28 10

India has set up a target of 100GW of solar power by 2022. In India, solar energy is not only used for power generation but is also used for heating water and cooking. Telangana with a total output of 2,570.43MW leads in the race followed by Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Emerging Scenario in Solar Energy

Lower costs of solar energy and rising costs of grid power are the game changer. This would change and convince consumers, private firms, and firms to switch to solar power. They would prefer to set up their own captive solar power capacity which is economically viable. Off-grid and rooftop segments during this time as price parity between the two alternatives. This makes solar power an economically viable choice. Unlike the rest of the world, the Indian rooftop market will evolve differently. It poses unique challenges which require innovative solutions. Nevertheless, the potential is huge and slow initial buildup of demand can be expected to be followed by strong acceleration.

Steep Learning Curve for the Players

Participants across the solar value chain are bound to experience a steep learning curve with the closing of the gap between solar and grid parity. It is likely that individuals will enthusiastically participate and larger players hold back till the time markets stabilize. Understanding local conditions and adapting operating models according to requirements will give early adopters a strategic advantage. Alongside maturing of the Indian solar industry, local manufacturing units can lookout for export. This could be done with neighboring countries and even across continents like Africa. Large companies for sure are likely to dominate the solar sector. A few independent companies, however, might also emerge to share the billion-dollar solar business pie.

Elements to Winning the Solar Battle

It is unlikely that global procurement will remain a differentiator. There will be more players achieving scale and becoming adept as time goes by. This is why timely execution, innovative financing methods, and localized design models can create value in the Indian market.

  • Timely Execution – Delays can wreak havoc on profits looking at the substantial front-end costs of solar power projects. Managing power projects in India are a tough job, even under favorable conditions. Infrastructure issues and unreliable local vendors can often slow project completion.
  • Innovative Financing Avenues – This can significantly drive upfront value for developers and create win-win situation for all. Differentiated innovative financing model types can include teaming up with consumers seeking sustainability benefits or tax cuts. The technology providers from low-cost financing countries like Japan will provide a distinct advantage.
  • Localized Design Models – Yes, local design models and engineering plays a crucial role in a country like India. The balance of system and inverter designs in tandem with local requirements will eliminate unnecessary elements which are inclined towards global markets and generate benefits at the same time. Even global players would see this aspect and prepare to manufacture locally.

Open Solar Market in India

Though solar industry in India is more suited for local players, it is still open to global companies at the same time. Looking at the prospects, global firms can tailor their broad expertise to meet the unique requirements of the Indian scenario. On the other hand, local players can strike appropriate alliances and bridge capability gaps. Local EPC coupled with foreign technology can help both parties. A long-term view of the market is also required by the parties involved in such a situation. Leaders in the market are likely being those who are willing to get into the thick of things right from the start. They will also be the ones sharing the potential of multi-billion-dollar benefits of the Indian solar energy market in the days to come.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are increasingly getting popular by the day. It is a dependable source of lighting the streets all over the world. Especially in countries where there is abundance of sunlight, this is the most ideal option for illuminating public places like parks, gardens & streets. It has become easier nowadays since PV panels, in-built battery & LED lights along with smart sensors are all integrated into a single compact unit. Solar LED street lights are good looking, long lasting & typically acknowledged for energy conservation. Moreover, solar energy street lights are maintenance-free.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Street LightsKey Features of Solar Street Light Products

Modern solar street light products come with an embedded solar panel, in-built lithium ion battery & battery management system along with night & motion sensors & automatic controls. Atypical solar energy street light device is weather-proof & water resistant. It has low glare & low rate of insect attraction alongside a longer life.

Working of Solar Energy Street Lights

Solar panel which is embedded in the solar street light device converts solar power into solar energy. This is subsequently stored into the inbuilt solar street light lithium ion battery & used for lighting operations from dusk to dawn. Battery management system is the main innovation of modern day solar street light products. These devices are facilitated by presence of night & motion sensors. Intensity of light reduces till dawn until motion is detected within a certain radius beneath the light when it automatically turns to full brightness. This smart feature which is now incorporated in modern solar street light products effectively combines aspects of renewable energy with energy efficiency.

Zonstreet CCTV & Zonstreet GSM

Both these solar street light products by Intelizon have been tried & successfully tested in a variety of domestic & commercial applications. Zonstreet CCTV & Zonstreet GSM are well-suited for lighting up streets, car parks, boundary walls, compounds, parks, gardens, courtyards & other spaces in an eco-friendly & cost-effective manner.

Unending Advantages of Having Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights incur minimal operational costs since they are off-grid in nature. These lights are stand-alone & wireless in nature & independent of any utility company. Solar street lights do not pose any threats of accidents like overheating, electrocutions or strangulation since they are devoid of any external wires. Moreover, solar energy street lights require zero maintenance in comparison with traditional street lights. Irrespective of power cuts & grid failures, solar energy street lights can illuminate streets throughout the night.

Safe & Clean Green Energy

Since solar energy street lights significantly lower carbon footprint of individuals, homes & businesses, they are a delight for environmentalists across the world. To say the truth, solar power street lights are a perfect green lighting solution which mankind was waiting for. Considering the capital along with operation & maintenance costs, solar street lights are a better investment option than traditional street lights.

Drawbacks of Solar Energy Street Lights

There are few disadvantages of having solar street lights. Higher initial investment is one in comparison with traditional street lights. Another drawback is that since solar street lights are non-wired they are prone to theft. Accumulation of moisture, dust or snow on horizontal PV panels can lead to reduction or complete stoppage of energy production. This is the reason that solar energy street lights need to be checked once in a when placed in extreme weather conditions.

Frankly, after measuring both the advantages & disadvantages, overall benefits far outweigh the negative aspects. This is perhaps the reason as to why more & more people across the world are switching over to solar energy street lights.

Zonstreet CCTV Effectively Combines 24X7 Surveillance with Best Outdoor Solar Lights


Zonstreet CCTV is a perfect outdoor solar lighting solution which is also providing wireless security surveillance & monitoring of light from remote locations. Advances in current technologies allow remote monitoring of surveillance systems even from hard to reach locations. Gone are those days when security cameras needed to be hardwired into a monitoring station for providing real-time surveillance. Solar lighting & cameras for grid-free security is a fact of life. Cameras nowadays are outfitted with wireless technology & are able to transmit real-time images even to mobile phones.

Accessing Surveillance Data through Mobile Phones

It is now conveniently possible to view live & recorded CCTV images on the go. Android phones, iPhone & other devices like iPad have made this a reality. All you need to do is download the app & connect the CCTV system to the internet. Zonstreet CCTV features an inbuilt CCTV camera along with WiFi router & memory card which provides backup of 1 week at least. Our digital surveillance systems are designed for a wide range of scenarios like hospitals, campuses, factories & other premises. Zonstreet CCTV effectively combines the best of solar lighting with the latest CCTV technology. The reality of viewing live images of your CCTV camera on your mobile phone is now a commonplace. 

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Lithium Ion Battery at the Heart of Zonstreet CCTV

Lithium-ion batteries are some of the most efficient rechargeable batteries available these days. InteliZon pioneers in making them work for their solar systems.  Lithium-ion batteries which form the heart of Zonstreet CCTV are much lighter than other types of batteries. These batteries can store large amounts of energy & which is so essential to working with solar power. Lithium-ion batteries can also handle numerous charge/discharge cycles in comparison with other types.

Advantages of Zonstreet CCTV Solar Street Lights

Zonstreet CCTV is independent of utility grid & therefore results in minimizing operational costs. These are wireless lights that are not connected to any electricity provider. Zonstreet CCTV is self-autonomous and only depends upon sunlight for storing as much energy as it can throughout the day. It requires very little maintenance in comparison with traditional street lights. Moreover, there is a very little risk of accidents since they do not have external wires. Zonstreet CCTV is Eco-friendly & solely dependent upon the solar panel for harvesting energy. Without leaving any carbon footprints, it is a handy solution to outdoor lighting problems. 

Essential Components of Zonstreet CCTV System

Zonstreet CCTV is a raised outdoor light source. Powered by photovoltaic panels mounted on lighting structure & connected to the pole, these PV panels are attached to a rechargeable lithium ion battery which charges to maximum levels even on cloudy days. This battery is meant to provide power to LED lamp throughout the night. Additionally equipped with an inbuilt 3 megapixel CCTV camera that runs on solar power during daytime & battery at night.

Zonstreet CCTV is the Most innovative Solar Street Lighting System

Zonstreet CCTV features the first indigenous designed motion sensor along with inbuilt lithium ion battery based outdoor solar street light. Zonstreet CCTV is designed to automatically adjust the brightness of LED light depending upon the movement under the light. This smart motion sensor enables efficient usage of the battery for performing uninterrupted dusk to dawn operation. Zonstreet CCTV is a highly reliable outdoor street light which involves minimum setup costs while providing a high return on investment (ROI). When you choose to install Zonstreet CCTV, you get the best of 24X7 surveillance & outdoor street lights rolled in one!

Zonpower is the Most Innovative Solar Rooftop Solution


Every home expects to receive uninterrupted power. With advanced technology we now have a choice of how we meet these requirements. While cost is still a matter of concern, dependability on the source of energy is also quite important. Considering these factors there is nothing more reliable than the sun. There cannot be anything better than having a rooftop & your own solar power plant providing electricity to the house.


 Zonpower from InteliZon

Zonpower by InteliZon is typically a solar DC system which consists of rooftop solar panels, charge controller, lithium ion batteries, mobile charging port, fans & LED lights which run on Direct Current (DC). The working of the system involves generating DC electricity through sunlight falling on the rooftop solar panels. Zonpower provides storage of excessive power in batteries & which can be effectively utilized during the night. Zonpower is ideal for rural households who do not require extensive power loads & are still not associated with the grid.

 Get the Best Solar DC System for Your Home

Solar DC system is basically technology which works without the help of an inverter. DC systems simply use complete DC solutions & eliminate requirement of any AC to DC & DC to AC conversions. Since large amounts of energy is lost during conversions, DC systems end up saving almost 30 to 40 percent of solar energy. As a result this technique is able to provide more stored powered backup with smaller sized batteries & solar panels. DC systems are therefore more cost effective than their counterparts. Zonpower solar rooftop solutions & products are designed & developed to suit DC technology & which can be easily installed in or near off-grid homes. Zonpower can also be effectively integrated with AC grid-power supply providing 24X7 backup as well. In such a scenario Zonpower will help you save almost 50% of your electricity bills.

 Installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel

Even though solar PV system is capable of generating electricity through direct or scattered sunlight, it would be sensible to assess amount of sunlight which is available at the rooftop where it is to be installed. Ideal orientation of solar PV panel will be helpful in collecting maximum sunlight. Solar PV panels should be installed in such a location that sunlight is not obstructed by trees or adjoining buildings.

 Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery

The inbuilt lithium ion battery which comes with the Zonpower system is a portable & modular low-cost solution. The PCU & battery of Zonpower is integrated into a single casing. This lithium ion battery is equipped with advanced electronics & is the first of its kind in portable & modular solar rooftop systems. Lithium ion battery is considered to be the best for solar rooftop systems since overall efficiency of the system depends upon the type of battery which is utilized. It is therefore very important to choose the right type of components for effective use of solar PV systems.

 Other Components of Zonpower Solar Rooftop System

Realizing that different homes have different requirements, Zonpower provides multiple packages catering to a variety of applications. Components which are essential to Zonpower package include battery, PCU, solar panel & a variety of DC compatible loads like bulbs, LED tube-lights, downlight, fans, TV, 2×2 fixtures & mobile chargers. Zonpower is so simple to install & scalable system which also allows remote controlled dimming of tube lights & fans. AC/DC adapter is however optional & is meant for homes which are already connected to grid electricity & are keen to integrate solar power with the existing system.

 Changing the Future of Energy with Solar Power

It is estimated that earth receives 173,000 terawatts of energy in a year. This is a great source which is about 10,000 times more than what is required by us humans. Solar energy is the most elegant solution for our requirements of energy. The sun is in fact doing us an exceptional favor by blasting more than enough energy than we require. Moreover, this will last as long as there is life on earth. Zonpower is a small step towards realizing this cherished goal!

Solar DC Systems Promising a Bright Future


Although solar power is available in all parts of the world, there are millions of people across continents that still do not have proper access to electricity. Many communities & villages have never ever been connected to a grid. Most of these people do not even know that the government is supposed to supply them electricity. Solar system for homes can however make this possible.

What is a Solar DC System? 

Solar DC systems typically consist of solar panels, charge controller, small batteries, mobile charging port, LED lights & fans which run on DC. Sunlight which falls on solar panels generates DC electricity which goes through charge controller in order to power DC lights & fans. Moreover, solar DC system provides for storing excessive power in batteries. Rural households do not require heavy power loads. Therefore solar DC systems can prove to be an ideal solar system for homes. For areas where the grid is partly available & are prone to extensive power cuts, solar DC systems can charge batteries via grid as well.

Solar DC Systems - InteliZon

Are Solar DC Systems Cost & Energy Efficient?

Yes & for a variety of reasons. Firstly, solar DC systems are attached to lights, fans & charging ports which run on DC. Therefore there are no losses which are associated with conversion. Moreover, solar LED lights also enjoy a long life. Solar LED lights can typically go on for about 3,000 hours & which is just about 4 times more than an average tube light does. Compare this with common inverters. In a common scenario when solar panel makes DC electricity, it goes to the inverter & converts into AC because home appliances which run on grid supply run on AC power. It is in this conversion process that a lot of energy is lost. In short, home solar power systems which run on DC are therefore not just cost-effective but energy efficient as well. 

Rural Areas Will be Happy Using Solar DC Systems 

Customized solar DC system solutions are also available for individual requirements. Home solar power systems are a great boon for houses that have never been electrified. There is a great demand for solar DC systems throughout the globe in rural areas & other small towns where frequent & lengthy power cuts have troubled people for long. Thanks to these solar systems for home, it is such a delight to see houses that have never had electricity enjoy 24/7 green energy. 

Future of Solar DC Systems
With the advent of solar DC systems, solar system for home has a great future especially in rural areas. Rural homes & small shops can now breathe a sigh of relief. Solar DC systems are also affordable & helpful for rural families make their own electricity. Governments across the world, especially the poor third world countries, can take initiative & empower their citizens with help of this golden opportunity.

InteliZon is Shaping the Future of Solar Lighting 

Solar PV has emerged as a great source of decentralized power producing DC energy. Alongside this, batteries have emerged as a wide-spread energy storage system which can charge or discharge DC power. Choice of DC voltage is quite important & should be carefully considered for making it a standard. InteliZon understands that energy should be clean, reliable & affordable. Technologies like solar, LED & advanced electronics are the future of energy. Solar energy is a precursor of inclusive growth & the rural population is looking forward to embracing this opportunity. InteliZon is making this possible by creating industry-leading cost-efficient products for harnessing & utilizing this best clean energy.

Make Huge Savings on Electricity Bills with Solar Rooftop Systems


It is a fact of modern living that all households, institutes & industries require continuous & regular access to power for various reasons. With intermittent or absolutely no grid electricity, Solar Rooftop Systems are now being designed for providing electricity to homes, offices & factories. Moreover, since solar rooftop systems are modular & involve construction, they can effectively be customized for generating & providing solutions which are specifically based on individual requirements. 

Solar Rooftop Systems -

Decisive Factors for Solar Rooftops 

  • Rooftop Area – Rooftop area which is available for solar panel is one of the deciding factors. However, most factories would have enough rooftop area for housing a solar PV plant which can meet a substantial portion of their power requirements. Ample space which is available in almost all roofs covering industrial sheds can be productively utilized for generation of solar energy. Home solar power system is another feasible solution which are available as off-grid or grid-tie modules.
  • Load Requirements – There are lot of intensive processes like manufacturing, assembling, processing & repairing which the working of industries address. Most of these works are supported very high level of energy consumption involving chillers, compressors, motors & others. It is therefore quite critical to identify which type of loads can be effectively supported by solar power generation.
  • Factory Timings – This is another aspect which is important since most factories work in shifts & would therefore also need power during the night time when solar PV plants may not be able to support their requirements. This is why a thorough cost benefit analysis of solar rooftop systems along with energy storage solutions needs to be prepared at the start itself.

 Ideal Benefits of Solar Rooftop Systems
Depending upon the type of application, there are several benefits associated with solar rooftop systems. Although benefits may differ depending whether it is required for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, some of the key aspects are enumerated below.

  • Financial Benefits – Saving over electricity bills is assured with switching for solar energy. As per studies conducted, minimum savings start at 10 percent & can lead up to 40 percent as well. More Savings on energy with solar power eventually translates to More Earning!
  • Green Efficient Buildings – By using solar rooftop systems for commercial or industrial facilities you can pass these benefits to business prospects too. Several companies from all around the world are moving to solar energy & preferring partnering other companies which are also environment friendly. You too can add a message in your company profile claiming that certain amount of your energy requirements are met through solar rooftop plant & the percentage of carbon emission you are able to save due to this.
  • Saving Environment – By using solar power, you are reducing power consumption which you would have used from the power company. Power companies commonly use coal or non-renewable energy resources for generating power. With help of solar energy you are using less energy from the grid, which in turn means that you are saving non-renewable energy resources.
  • Predictable Power Tariff – Expense on solar energy is quite predictable & may remain such for decades. On the other side, your grid or power company rates are bound to go up over the next 20 years. Your solar energy provider can give you a breakup of the fixed costs & estimates of routine maintenance & repair expenses.

Home Solar Power Systems from InteliZon

Home solar power systems can begin from about 100 watts & go up to 100+ kilowatts for commercial & industrial applications. Moreover, a typical 4-member home solar power system can combine a good mix of solar & grid power by installing a 1KW solar rooftop panel. It is time to make this change. InteliZon is here to help you do this. Just call us & we will be glad to make your home eco-friendly, like we have done for many others