Our impact in the Residential sector

Globally, Lighting contributes to approximately 20% of overall energy consumption.

Of this 20%, a significant amount of energy is being consumed by the residential sector.

Hence, there is a huge potential to save electricity in this sector which can be done by moving to environmentally sustainable products or natural energy resources like sun, wind, tidal energy etc…

We at InteliZon believe in natural energy resources and therefore deliver products that utilize solar energy for their functioning. We strongly believe in the quality of energy that is clean, reliable and sustainable. We have diversified product portfolio in the residential space with wide applications which contribute to significant energy consumption.

Solar Product Application in the Residential Space

Outdoor Lighting

Single family homes or apartment/villa complexes have a need for perimeter lighting as well as a surveillance camera. Our zonstreet++ series is a solar LED streetlight with inbuilt camera and remote monitoring and control system. It provides a perfect wireless solution for homes and communities with monitoring from the comfort of your home or office or any remote location via a mobile based app system.

Indoor Lighting

Most homes use lights and fans and spend a lot of money running these inefficient appliances. Many home owners have started opting for rooftop solar to run these appliances and cut down on the electricity bills. The basic element which most rooftop installers ignore is that the cost is due to the inefficient loads i.e. fans and lights. InteliZon has developed Zonpower, an innovative solar rooftop and home system which comes with efficient DC LED lights and fans that save 50% to 90% of power this not only reducing the electricity bill but cutting down on the cost of the rooftop system.


  • Front yard solar lights
  • Solar street lights in townships and villas
  • Solar tube lights, torches etc…

And many more.

Indoor Lighting Hyderabad

Indoor Lighting

What we have done

Till date, our solar based products have been successful in saving significant amount of energy and will continue to increase to a great extent thereby impacting many lives and making earth a better place to live.

Some of our recent works in the solar residential systems are listed as below:

New Apartment, Eastern UP

Eastern Up- Intelizon

Farmhouse in Gandeva, Gujarat

Form house Gujarat - Intelizon

Villa Complex,Jaipur

Villa complex - Intelizon

Home frontyard, Jaipur

Home front yard - Intelizon