Commercial Operations

Our operations in the commercial sector

Protecting the environment, minimising your operational expenses or reducing your carbon footprint

Whatever may be your motive, we are the one who offer innovative Solar lighting products at affordable prices.

InteliZon has diversified product portfolio with wide range of applications which can be efficiently used in the commercial space.

Some of the applications of our products in the commercial space can be listed as follows:

  • Zonlite can be used in office buildings with false ceilings
  • 48V DC tubelights can be used for lighting up the cellar, corridors, basements etc…
  • Zonstreet can be used for the front yard and backyard of the office buildings and also can be used for street lighting in the premises

And many more.

Office Lighting - Intelizon

Office Lighting

What we have done

Some of our recent works in the commercial space are listed as below:

IIT Hyderabad

IIT hyderabad - Intelizon

Commercial Campus

Commercial complex - Intelizon

Sangareddy Hospital

Sanga reddy hospital - Intelizon

DGP Office

DGP Office - Intelizon