Smart Solar Street Lights - Pioneers in Lithium Ion Based LED Lights

Intelizon is creating cutting edge technology products for indoor and outdoor lighting using lithium ion battery combined with LED and solar. Intelizon is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing in India for inbuilt Lithium Ion battery based wireless solar street light solutions. Some of the top features includes photovoltaic panels, LED lamp, built in battery, motion sensor, auto intensity control and use of latest technology. These systems are much more reliable than the conventional lead acid based solar streetlights. This technology provides a wireless lighting solution reducing the huge costs associated with cabling and maintenance. We have also launched 48V solar DC lighting solutions for the indoor residential and commercial segments. Intelizon with its in-house R&D is using cutting edge technology to provide green energy for the world which are reliable, affordable and smart.


Indoor & Outdoor Solar Street Lights

It is time to say goodbye to darkness and high electricity bills! With help of cutting edge technology, Intelizon is creating world-class indoor & outdoor solar street light products requiring minimal investment and maintenance. Both indoor and outdoor solar lighting solutions offered by Intelizon effectively use lithium ion batteries combined with LED and solar panels. Intelizon is a pioneer in designing solar street light with inbuilt lithium ion battery and motion sensor. It is true that lithium ion batteries are far more reliable than the conventional lead acid based batteries. Wireless solar street light system offers cutting down on huge costs which are commonly associated with cabling and maintenance.

Outdoor solar street lights from Intelizon combine surveillance as well along with lighting systems. Apart from these Intelizon also offers a 48V solar DC indoor lighting solution meant for residential & commercial segments. There is no other source which is more reliable than the sun & having a rooftop which is generating electricity for the house is an ultimate solution. This rooftop solar system makes use of lithium-ion batteries for storing power. It is an ideal option for both, rural and urban households who do not require extensive power loads. In-house R&D at Intelizon is doing everything to provide the world with dependable, affordable and smart, solar-based energy solutions.

Our system is widely used for highway, village, garden, home, community street, courtyard, park, big campuses, open spaces, deserted areas, educational institutions etc. It operates from dusk to dawn and works great even in extreme weather conditions.


Metric tons of reduction in CO2 emissions
MU of electricity saved
Lives impacted

As of December, 2016